5 photos of Shakira without makeup that show her incredible beauty

The singer has always been seen in nature

Shakira at 43 has incomparable beauty. The Colombian singer falls in love with anyone and it does not matter what kind of outfit she looks like or whether or not she has makeup. As proof of the latter, we leave you some photographs of Shakira where she shows her natural beauty.

1. The picture your child took of you

A very beautiful snapshot that your 4-year-old son took. The singer’s followers were impressed with how good she looks up close, others could not believe that she did not have makeup.

2. Ready for her birthday

A few years ago this image was taken where she was celebrating her birthday. The singer has never been shy about letting herself be seen as she is.

3. Very cool

In 2016, Shak collaborated on the animated film Zootopia. In this image, she showed the figure of her character, which had enchanted her son. Her fans told her how good she looked and noticed that she was not wearing makeup. 

4. Playing extreme sports

It is no secret that the singer loves extreme sports. In this photo, she appears in the sea next to a surfboard. She looks very young for her age!

5. In pajamas

In blue pajamas, Shak was very happy sitting on the floor of her house. She certainly knows how to look great in any look.