5 Reasons Why It Has Become a Cult

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horror movie on 12 june 2023 rosemary’s baby It will be 55 years since it came out. Although many years have passed, this story scares viewers who love this genre, but why has it been so successful? Here are 5 reasons why it’s still a cult following.

rosemary’s babyfix June 12, 2023 55 years since it first came out 1968, For those who have never seen it and love horror genreCan’t miss this story to be included in the scariest movies at least once in a lifetime, We want to pique your curiosity by pointing you 5 reasons for which this film is still considered A scary cult.

Of course these are coincidences, but this film is supposed to be one of them.”Damned“As they happened disturbing facts From the brutal murder of the director’s wife a few months before the end of her pregnancy, after the end of filming, to the almost identical death of a character in Krzysztof Komeda’s story, and many other facts that will send chills down your spine. That Said, Here Are 5 Reasons Why rosemary’s babyStill considered a cult film.

rosemary’s baby is a horror film directed by Roman Polanskibased on the novel of the same name by Ira Levinfirst released in cinemas June 12, 1968produced by of great quality, In form of official summary: “A modern reinterpretation of Ira Levin’s novel: After moving to Paris, Rosemary becomes pregnant, but the unborn child is targeted by a demonic presence”.

this movie rocked the box office and still remains a favorite of horror lovers ever since Polanski was brought to life new style Of “horror” movies. If the first plots were terrifying but still considered unrealistic, with them came stories that horrified the audience as they tended to “stir up”. innermost fear each of us. you know very well it’s a movie, but 10% of you are afraid that you might that’s experience in everyday reality. the audience sympathizes More in texture and makes it feel more ghostly. Among other things, the film came at the right time, right in the middle the Exorcist And night of the Living Dead,

rosemary’s baby was shot entirely within a television studiobut the exterior you see in the movie is consistent with the building Dakota In’ Upper West Side of Manhattan, The director manages to make it creepy and elegant at the same time, thanks to his perfect image vision. Among other things, for those who don’t know, he was assassinated in the same building John LennonIn 1980.

the songs that make up the soundtrack rosemary’s baby Another “genius” among them Polanski and composer Krzysztof KomedaWhich makes this movie unique as both started a AI trend modern horror movies, associate a innocent musiclike a lullaby sung by the protagonist, entirely in context terrible and monstrous, The audience remains “paralyzed” for the single. listen to that melody, because he already knows that this sequence will not go well. The soundtrack attached to that particular scene of the protagonist being possessed by the devil, makes the whole plot even more sinister.

  • Anton LaVey’s advice

there is one urban myth This horror film has been circulating since its release, which has never been denied or confirmed by the makers. Looks like Roman Polanski was helped from the founder of the church of satan Anton LaVey, Developing the right plot and atmosphere to make the story even more disturbing. LaVey himself is said to be a small cameo In the film, although it is not known in what capacity.

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rosemary’s baby A claims extraordinary artist, we actually get Mia Farrow, Ruth Gordon, John Cassavetes, Sidney Blackmer and others. In the coming months or years, after filming ends, everything happened To most of the people who contributed to this project. As predicted, the director’s wife was brutally murdered, Mia Farrow divorced Frank Sinatra for participating in the film, producer Castle not only received death threats but began to warn serious health problems,

Robert Evans had three heart attacks, Krzysztof Komeda died, as did Rosemary’s friend, Hutch, featured in a sequence in the film, and many other disturbing facts. Coincidence or not, you really need to make the sign of the cross before watching this movie. now we are sure that we have pique your curiosity for these 5 reasons that make rosemary’s baby Still a Cult Horror Film We’re Curious Whether It Should Be Celebrated 55th anniversary When the film releases, would you dare to watch it again or watch it for the first time?

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