5 reasons why the franchise went downhill

When Mommy Debuting in 1999 with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, it immediately felt like a fantasy franchise was just being born, but it rapidly deteriorated between sequels. For now, if fans are counting on de reboot Mommy with Tom Cruise in 2017, there were three other films in the film, including Mummy – Return AND Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor . But these sequels never managed to bring back the magic of the late 90s, despite the fact that almost all of the original actors were retained.

The first film was a perfect blend of various elements including horror, comedy, action and romance. Reproducing a great blockbuster is never easy, especially if you don’t have a big budget to create even modest CGI.

5. The Mummy franchise is getting more and more dependent on bad CGI.

When did the franchise start? from Mummy was a mixture of practical effects and CGI, making it more realistic than its sequels. Epic opening scene of The Mummy it wasn’t CGI but a great use of miniatures and perspective that brought the ancient city of Thebes to life. Mummy – Return it featured twice as many visual effects shots, but opted for increasingly intimidating CGI (such as scenes involving the Scorpion King). Not doing enough in the second film, Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor brought to the cinema even worse special effects than the previous ones, despite the budget of 145 million dollars, compared to 80 million for the first (and 60 for the second).

The Scorpion King CGI Mummy

Fact #4: The Mummy sequels prioritize spectacle over character relationships.

More than just visuals Mommy they look better than the sequels, but beyond that, the film gives space to the relationships between the characters as well as the action and the main storyline. There is Evie and her desire to one day become a famous archaeologist and join the scientists of Banbridge; Rick finds meaning and adventure with a cheeky librarian; not to mention a villain just trying to reunite with his one true love. Instead, the sequels emphasized action scenes and over-the-top CGI. Ultimately, it was this delicate balance of elements, including character interactions, that gave the first film the hook that kept audiences on screen.

3: Sequels have become stereotyped

Over time, the films have suffered from what many horror franchises have gone through; formulaic storylines in which a monster or creature returns again and again from the world of the dead. Imhotep’s story started well, also humanizing the character, but over time he quickly turned into a typical villain who wants to dominate the world.

2: Injuries forced Brendan to leave the franchise

Brendan Fraser, despite massacres of mummies and numerous vicissitudes of life, paid the ultimate price by suffering several fatal injuries while filming on set. From dislocations and broken limbs to a back injury that left him immobile for months, the combined severity of the events eventually forced him, albeit reluctantly, to leave the franchise.

Myth 1: The Mummy sequels have turned into action comedies without a horror element.

Mommy As mentioned above, it was a successful mix of action, horror, comedy and romance with something for everyone. One of the reasons for the film’s success is that it found a way to seamlessly blend all of these elements. The sad thing is that its sequels never quite recovered the same effect, leaving more and more of that signature horror flavor that marked the first magical film.

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