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The Player To The Game Battle Royale Fire Free to lift pet? In any case, any amount of dong. Well, this time Skyegrid the media in spreading the secrets of the pro players Fire Free this is guaranteed to, you can Booyeh, and increase of the rent.

What are the secrets of the pro-player Fire Free who can you emulate? We consider the following:

1. You tap the weapons

The players fire Free the most of dissipating a bullet in vain, and you hold the click, if, shoot the opponent.

Of course, this is the rear shock more wild and not on the opponent effectively.

The technique of knocking should have the weapons by press the shoot the occasional button, without holding on a continuous basis. The ineffectiveness of 3-4 times that of the rear abutment can be well controlled.

Fire (Garena)

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2. Bunny Hop Shooting

This technique is very popular and used often by the pro-player type of a shot, a good piece of medium-and short-range do.

With this technique, you increase the percentage of survival of the open area without a cover was 70%.

In addition to shooting, the target is directly on the chest, there may even be a direct hit on your opponent. Well, practice this technique is to jump through the shooting, Yes, boys.

3. Tracing Enemy Lines

This technique is also very good, if combined with the above techniques, because they have the advantage, psychologically, to suppress the spiritual enemy.

This technique is focused on guessing the direction of the enemy escaped by sliding the screen of your smartphone and cut the movement of the enemy with shot in that direction could be applied on short and medium distances.

For longer distances, use a Roll-Scope views of the enemy, and give it a shot in improvised as a surprise.

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Figure Super! Outdoor fire (Pinterest)

4. Strafing Movement

Most of the players fire Free position in the shoot, in a state of silence. Of course, make you look weak and an easy target for the enemy.

Strafing movement with the technique of shooting, how to move it in different directions, so that you can secure the position by itself, while the observation of the map, so you can kill easy.

5. You flank the enemy

Maybe kamusering heard of this technique, but what needs to be done to effectively produce recordings and produce a Super? Here is the answer.

These techniques concentrate on the shot, the opponent of the direction of who do not know, or even in the opposite direction, so that the lawanpun confusion.

In order to be effective, you can sound-so you hear the sound of footsteps or gunshots, so it can guess the position of the opponent and effectively run.