5 special experiences to do during a weekend away

Do you want to escape from the routine? If you want to do something different, not the usual weekend, we offer you trips to do to participate in unique and fun experiences. In addition to visiting the city or the village, you can have memorable moments thanks to these activities. What do you say?

starry night

In March 2023 in the former deconsecrated church of Santo Stefano al Pontein Florence, the tribute concerts will be held for the first time starry night. The spectator, “immersed in the music”, will be slowly enveloped by the high resolution projections of the celestial vault embellished with stars and constellations. The tribute concerts will honor singers such as Dua Lipa, BeyoncĂ©, the Maneskins and other international artists. The ticket it’s starting from 25 euros and can be purchased on the Fever App.

rome alpaca
Photo: Kasjan Farbis/Pixabay

Ready for a nature trail with the cute Alpacas? An hour and a half by car from Rome is theAlpaca breeding of the Piani Agricultural Society of the Marina SS., in Pian d’Arcione a Tarquinia (VT). Here you can take a 2 km walk in a group, leading your Alpaca. You will be able to broaden your knowledge of this curious animal and begin to establish a relationship of mutual trust. The experience it costs 35 euros and must be booked in advance.

giant benches
Photo: Shutterstock.

Did you know that in different regions of Italy there are giant benches? Let’s talk about the particular benches of Chris Bangle who conceived the initiative Big Bench Community Project. The idea is to become children again and relive the amazement of the past when you observe something simple but wonderful: in this case the Lazio landscape in the municipality of Piglio it’s at License.

Photo: @underdome_glamping

Do you know the Underdome project? We are an hour and a half by car from Rome, in the Bagnaia locality (fraction of Viterbo), inside an astronomical centre. And here it is Underdome glamping. We are talking about a structure surrounded by the luxuriant nature of the Cimini Mountains, which allows you to live a particular experience. In fact, you can sleep in a dome equipped with all comforts.

Wine fountain

Free wine? For red wine lovers there is an experience to do. In the hamlet of Villa Caldari (Ortona), in Abruzzo, a wine fountain has been installed. This has become very popular and people from all over the world have stopped over the years to have a good glass of red. You can undertake the Way of St. Thomasa pilgrimage that starts from Rome and arrives in Ortona, the fountain is located in the Dora Sarchese vineyard along the way.

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