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There are many in the Hollywood landscape stay busy what they see inactivism and philanthropy in ways to use their fame and wealth to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions of the world. Among them, some actresses stand out for their constant dedication.

Angelina Jolie

Between stay busy V’activism Social one of the most iconic for sure Angelina Jolie. His obligations go back to the beginning Two thousandwhen during filming Cambodia From Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, saw poor conditions in the country; so the actress decided to contactUNHCR learn about regions in crisis and then join another missions during 2001 and visited Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Pakistan. For her commitment, UNHCR nominated her the same year. Goodwill ambassador. As an ambassador, Jolie participated in missions. V World: in 2002 visited Thailand, Ecuador, Kosovo, Kenya, Namibia; in 2003 she traveled again to Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Russia, Jordan and Egypt. In subsequent years, she was in Chad, Lebanon, Haiti, Costa Rica, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lampedusa. V 2005 announces the founding National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Childrenand the following year he founded Jolie-Pitt Foundation with her husband Brad Pitt, thanks to which he funds organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. For her active work, the star received several awards and prizes: in 2003 receives a prize Citizen of the World AwardIN 2007 Freedom Award It’s in 2013 receives Gene Hersholt Humanitarian Award. Jolie is also very active in advocating for the rights animalsfrom women and from LGBTQ+ community. As part of her activism, the star also has adopted three children orphans from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Namibia.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is another star who has made her success the engine of charity. The Oscar-winning actress is actually a strong supporter of advocacy organizations. human rightsfrom LGTBQ+ communityfrom women And animals. Born in South Africa When apartheid still existed, Theron felt particularly deeply the problems associated with discrimination. The actress is actually a supporter of gay rights such as gay marriage and is a member of organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) or Rape Crisis Center Cape Town against violence against women. Besides, in year 2009 Charlize Theron nominated peace envoy United Nations and seeks to prevent the spread of the HIV virus. Among other things, the actress 2017 visitedcharity auction Stuart Weitzman designed a pair of shoes and sold them during the event; proceeds then went to research for ovarian cancer.

Emma Watson

After the success of the film series Harry Potter, Emma Watson she became one of the busiest stars of her generation. His ardent activity ranges from defensiveWednesday to that of human rights. For example, in July year 2014 the actress was nominated Goodwill ambassador fromUN Women, that is, the UN organization that works for gender equality around the world. During his speech at the UN, Watson launched a campaign #HeforShe emphasize the importance of men in changing the world position of women. Among various campaign initiatives, the star created virtual book club with feminist overtones on Goodreads titled “Our Shared Shelf”. In order to protect the rights of women, she participated in various initiatives and trips, for example, to Malawi to end forced marriages, as well as in 2018 made one one million pounds donation fund for victims of abuse and harassment at work. In addition to human rights, the actress is involved in the #SaveTheArctic campaign run by #SaveTheArctic. Greenpeace and created a capsule collection for People Tree in collaboration with Alberta Ferretti, an honest supporter of sustainable fashion.

Meryl Streep

Since the eighties Meryl Streep turned out to be a star firmly committed to protectingWednesday and gods human rights. In fact, the actress is an active member NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) and supports environmental campaigns every day. Streep’s activism also involves the fight against Violence against women and what to confirm the rights LGBTQ+ community. Moreover, the actress becameicon this community, including through his performances in films such as Manhattan, death makes you beautiful, Devil – She, Devil, Watch, The Devil Wears Prada AND Oh mom!. To support topics close to her, the star often participates in several charity eventssuch as the Live Earth Concert and the Climate Leadership Gala.

Jane Fonda

Even before Meryl Streep, an actress who has since seventies stood up for human rights Jane Fonda. The star’s activism allowed her to push the fight for women’s rights forward. feminist convinced, and joined the Italian feminist protest back in 1972. In those same years, the actress became an ardent opponent warsespecially in Vietnam. In addition to women’s rights, Jane Fonda is a prominent activist environmental: through various campaigns, he promotes the responsible use of natural resources and practices for a greener life, such as ecotourism. The star has received several awards for her environmental activism, including Lifetime Achievement Award at Global Green USA in 2011 This award from NRDC V year 2012; V 2019moreover, it was arrested four times for participation in environmental demonstrations.

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