5 super trendy couples not to be missed!

Madly in love with all kinds of shoes, Hailey Bieber also has a very interesting collection of sneakers! Here are 5 really amazing models…

All Hailey Bieber sneakers: 5 super trendy pairs not to be missed!

Among the most famous faces of our time, Hailey Bieber, the wife of the famous singer Justin Bieber and the world-famous American model, certainly stands out. What makes this young celebrity so popular these days is not only her objective beauty, but also her way of dressing. Indeed, beautiful Hailey has absolutely impeccable style.despite the fact that it is based on simple but very fashionable items of clothing!

5 pairs of sneakers that Hailey Bieber was crazy about copying

His passion for fashion extends not only to clothing, but (and above all) to the category shoes that are Hailey’s real obsession! Although there is no shortage of shoes and sandals, her attention is always riveted to sneakers – the strong point of most of the looks that the model wears in everyday life. What’s more, she’s been seen several times wearing head-turning outfits, complete with an exclusive pair of sneakers! And it is precisely from the many stolen frames that we can say that the collection of Hailey Bieber sneakers is really a dream. Below you will find 5 super trendy models that you should definitely copy! Scroll down the article to find out more…

Samba by Adidas is a cult item to love

Bought in different colors and worn for different occasions. Hailey Bieber loves Adidas Samba very much.who loves to wear them in a comfortable and chic way! In fact, some of the most popular combinations include denim Bermuda shorts and a black top, creating a simple yet very fashionable summer look. And that’s how, in the blink of an eye, these truly iconic shoes make the model’s outfit even more in demand!

Nike Dunk Low, it’s impossible not to want them

Hailey, not only a fan of Adidas, but also of the Nike brand, has been spotted wearing this iconic brand’s sneakers several times! Among the coolest models currently signed with Nike, definitely have dunk lows, the perfect shoe for everyday life and suitable for creating a very striking look. There are so many options on the market at the moment, but Hailey opted for a model with yellow and green hues, which is perfect for giving her appearance a touch of extravagance.

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Salomon: A casual yet very trendy look.

But how fashionable are these Salomons? Pairs perfectly with bike shorts and an oversized gray sweatshirt (as Hailey shows us). these sneakers are not only very comfortable but they make the image really special. Seeing is believing…

Asics Gel-Nyc: sophistication and exclusivity

Another round and another, and this time it’s Asics Gel-Nyc’s turn, characterized by a slightly platform sole! This option, chosen by Hailey, is perfect for creating a super sporty look. Classic white sock on the feet and voila, the game is ready!

Nike Jordan 1 is one of the coolest models of all time

And finally, the last model that made hundreds and hundreds of people, women and men, fall in love without any distinction: Nike Jordan 1 – a guarantee of style for those looking for a pair of understated but never boring sneakers! Their characteristic black and white colors make these shoes versatile and perfect to complete any look. And to demonstrate their eclecticism, it is enough to carefully observe how Hayley decided to match them: after all, the model chose a super-elegant outfit based on a suit of an oversized jacket and cream-colored trousers.

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