5 Things That Should Never Happen In DC Comics Movies

These are the 5 things we should never see in DC Comics movies… Because we would go completely crazy!

The dc comics movies, as the Marvel StudiosThey are full of possibilities. There are many comics that exist and will exist in which unimaginable things have happened. Events that have given us goosebumps and others that have left us more indifferent. Or that, directly, we have not liked anything. The good thing is that there is so much on offer that one can feel in multiple ways and they don’t have to abandon the superhero ship at the first change.

However, today in cinemascomics Let’s talk about the 5 things we should never see in DC Comics movies. There are 5 moments, concepts, scenes, situations or even characters that we value as something very crazy, very outlandish or very out of tune for the cinema. We invite you to join us on this journey through the DC Universe!

1- Batman Robocop

Robot Batman (DC Comics movies)

Probably one of the worst times Batman that are remembered in the comics. this kind of Batman Robocop I had him Commissioner Gordon under armor BruceWayne had disappeared after his violent war against the joker, So the Gotham City Police Department decided to follow the path of Dark Knight and fight crime. The madness reached such a limit that Commissioner Gordon cut his hair in the purest style Taxi driver, from Martin Scorsese. Let’s hope this never happens because already in the vignettes he gave a little “cringe”.

2- Superman doing porn

The Superman Porn Movie (DC Comics Movies)

Yes, this did happen. And we don’t want to see him in the DC Comics movies. TO Superman they brainwashed him and wanted him to record a pornographic movie with Big Barda, wife at the time of his partner Mr Terrific. Crazy! We must point out that the two superheroes beat the villain sleez, but not before they had already recorded the film. Come on… That happened. It has never been mentioned again, of course. But that, happen, happened. Awesome about comics!

3- Ambush Bug in DC Comics movies

Ambush Bug (DC Comics movies)

Ambush Bug is probably one of the strangest characters in the DC Universe. a guy called irwin schwab found a mysterious clothing that had been sent from a very distant planet. A doomed planet. These clothes were intercepted by a giant cosmic radioactive spider that imbued the clothes with powers. That is its origin, go. Irwin is a curious subject, since he has been losing his mind little by little and does not know if he lives in a real or fictional world. Perhaps he would be a perfect character for someone like James Gunn, but he would certainly be rare to see.

4- The sidekick of the Justice League

Snapper Carr (DC Comics movies)

What’s the point of a sidekick in the League of Justice? None! The grace of this group is that it is an organization with the great superheroes of the publisher. Can you imagine a Justice League in the DC Comics movies with a sidekick? For that it is better to make the teen titans! Well Snapper Carr he was the League’s sidekick in the comics. A rich guy, quite an idiot, who makes the organization his pet project. He buys them a luxurious house with his family’s assets so the DC superheroes can spend time with him. Basically the team mascot. This would be terrible in the movies.

5- Adaptation of «Identity Crisis»

Identity Crisis (DC Comics films)

It is one of the best-selling and most recommended comics of the 21st century, but it would be too much. There are a lot of tears, Batman is betrayed by all his friends, there is rape (lots of rape) and murder. And it all has to do or is involved with superheroes. If already DC Comics movies have gotten excessively dark over time, if they did Identity crisis… They would go dark!

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