5 things you didn’t know about Lili Reinhart


The actress Lili Reinhart he has worked in his career of acting for a long time, now, your role as Betty Cooper in the series of Netflix, Riverdale, has catapulted his popularity to the sky, making it one of the actresses youth most popular of the moment.

Lili Reinhart it is living proof of that the effort, perseverance and hard work eventually will guide us towards the right path, so even with highs and lows throughout his life , he has shown he can go forward and that is also not hesitate to support others in need.

If these become a big fan of this actress, here we bring to you some curiosities of Lili you can’t miss as you learn more about his beginnings, his career and his personality off the set.



Signed its first contract with an agency for representation when he was still very young. Lili was only 11 years old. From an early age, Lili discovered her love for the performing arts.



The actress has spoken openly about his mental health with the comment that suffers from anxiety, for that reason, joined with Chris Wood in a campaign that seeks to eliminate the stigma that revolves around mental illness. The name of the campaign is to I Don t Mind, the actress finds that with this campaign, she, like other celebrities and people who suffer from this type of problems, can seek help without being judged for it.



After a photo session with Cosmopolitan magazine, Lili and her coestrella, Camila, announced that the photographs had been photoshopeadas to make them look more thin. They both said they are happy with how they look and in addition spoke out against the creation and dissemination of stereotypes of beauty of this type.



The actress has posted fine figures on her skin, between them has a tattoo of a rose, the sign of the earth, a cross and also an arrow. All of them are discrete and small, but you look great.



Lili is a fan of special effects makeup and in addition it goes very well, the actress has shown several of his works that are the result of this hobby so interesting.