5 things you have to know of Limetown, the new series of Jessica Biel


The television industry is facing a curious phenomenon. While on the one hand continue to increase the platforms


and the content producers, on the other, the spectators are absolutely lost. Is that the oversupply can be just as destabilizing as the absolute lack of new series.

Perhaps that is why, little by little, we discover and value films that -though smaller – earn greatness to bring fresh air and renewed to the small screen. If sos of the seriéfilos that are always in the search, then


of Facebook Watch is one of those fictions that will not want to miss.

Comes from a podcast

After the irruption of the



this format , he had a second chance in the industry and achieved a


it was difficult to imagine.


part of that generation’


‘and, in July of 2015, was his


. Achieved popularity almost automatically and in
United States

won first place on Itunes after only a month since its premiere.

Produced by Two-Up Productions, the story already has two seasons (the second came in 2018) and a novel written by Cote Smith, who works as a prequel to the podcast.

Did you know that THE NATION has its own podcast series and film?

Dolores Graña


Natalia Trzenko


At the request of the public

“. What you can listen in



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Conspiracies, mystery and trailer insured

With a


explosive that brings dramatic elements, of


and conspiracy theories, the protagonist of


is Lia Haddock. Investigative journalist for the American Public Radio, podcast seeks to resolve

the mysterious events that transpired in a research centre in neuroscience at Tennessee

. Where they disappeared to 300 people without any kind of explanation, and among those is the own uncle of Lia.

Almost obsessively, the protagonist follows the clues that lead her to find not only survivors, but also discover what they were investigating really in Limetown and why is she kept the silence for so many years.

Jessica Biel returns to break it

After the premiere of the first season
The Sinner

, we were all waiting to know what would be the new project of the actress.

Limetown seems the natural step and perfect for Biel

(which is also executive producer), who made the transition from a character emotionally broken and that was put on with a dark trauma, to a journalist who is not afraid to get involved in an investigation that could end his life.

His work in the construction of Lia is really bright and happy to see her starring in this story that, beyond the other big players, depend almost one hundred percent of it.

“Limetown”, poster, promotional

Why look at it

Robust and with a very good basis from which to depart, there are many things that we could say that Limetown does well as fiction and entertainment. However, there are some that stand out above others:

  • You’ve been a fan of the podcast or not,

    the handling of the mystery is achieved in a spectacular way

    . Constantly we are faced with situations in which we absorb it, we are stressed and, as some say, “keep us sitting on the edge of the chair.” The series works as a drama, but it is even better as


    with connotations sleuthing.

  • One of the resources more used by the fiction is to bring the viewer into the past and show little sequences that have large consequences in the future.

    This back and forth works in subtle, natural and not confused.

    In fact, until it is done with a certain air of romantic melancholy that balances very well, the tension and fear that is dyeing the present.

  • The characters are smaller and side,

    Jessica Biel is accompanied by a cast that works perfectly

    . Among our favorites is Stanley Tucci, who gives life to the enigmatic uncle of the protagonist, and who want to know your destination.

Where you can see it

In the same way that you can see

Sorry For Your Loss

Elizabeth Olsen



it is already available and with subtitles in Spanish
Facebook Watch


The service is completely free and to look at it alone you have to have user in the platform and what you will find in the same way that when looking to a friend within the network.