5 things you should never buy at the supermarket

this food safety This is a global problem.Not only in the poorest countries, but also in countries considered developed: according to US health authorities, nearly one in six of the country’s population will experience disease Every year is foodborne.Therefore, as explained huffington postsome are not suitable for buying in supermarkets.

the first is already cut the fruit: Cantaloupe, pear, watermelon, apple… No matter how beautiful they look in the supermarket, they all hide bacteria.In this sense, biologist and food safety expert Elena González explained to Global Consumer that the most common microorganisms in processed fruit are probably salmonellathis Listeria or traces of E. coli.

Cut Fruit: “Standardized” Residues

“At room temperature, the bacteria population doubles every 20 minutes. No matter how many movies I carry around or anything plastic,not enough. This is an unnecessary risk that suppliers and customers completely accept as the norm,” the expert said.

The fact that these fruits contain bacteria can cause symptoms similar to bacterial infections in most cases. acute gastroenteritis, such as fever, diarrhea or severe abdominal pain, but no greater virulence. However, people over the age of 65, children under the age of 5, and those who are immunocompromised may develop more severe disease.


ready-to-eat precooked food

From potato omelets to pasta, ready-to-eat precooked foods can also pose a bacterial risk.

Bacteria are more likely to appear if the food has been left out for more than two hours. In these cases, there are risks of: cross infection.

Bags of Lettuce and Deli

In the US, there are “too many outbreaks and recalls, and a lack of transparency and traceability,” said safety expert Darin Detwiler. plastic wrap lettuce. Therefore, according to experts, it is best to buy a whole head of lettuce and wash it at home.

In addition, some foods that are considered cooked food on the counters of some places, such as the so-called exclusive ready-to-eat minced meat, do not meet food safety standards. Sometimes these foods are not packaged with an expiration date or source.

Cantaloupe: The real risk

Finally, in the United States, people are very concerned about cantaloupe. In 2011, the food sparked a nationwide Listeria outbreak that killed at least 33 people and sickened 147. According to Detwiler, the outbreak is one of the deadliest foodborne outbreaks in the country.


Additionally, he believes cantaloupe is particularly susceptible to foodborne illness because “its exterior cannot be spoiled.” clean properly Kill pathogens.

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