5 tips for getting the most out of this editing app

You can easily edit to enhance your photos.

Many users, myself included, tend to think of the Photos app as a simple organizer of our photos, either locally or through storage in iCloud with the camera roll. Nothing could be further from reality: Photos is an editor that can satisfy many people’s needs.

For example, five buttons: Here are five tips you can easily improve the quality of your photos. All you need to do this is an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

In all the tricks we’re going to tackle, we’re going to go into the Photos app and when we open the photo we want to edit, We will touch the “Edit” option to reveal all options:

straighten photo

If one of your photos is crooked, you can click the third icon in the edit section and slide over the horizontal tick marks to straighten it.you will see A grid will appear on the photo to guide you so that you can straighten it as vertically or horizontally as possible.

Apply predefined filters

If you have no editing knowledge but would like to change the tone of your photo, you can Apply Instagram-style filters Click the second button in the edit section. There are a variety of filters to choose from, and you can always go back to the original photo even after saving your edits.

Highlight light or dark areas of a photo

If an area of ​​the photo is too bright or too dark, like the sunset in the example above, You can highlight these areas individually to try and find a balance. All you have to do is press the first button in the editing section and select the “Highlights” or “Shadows” option as you see fit. Be careful with over setting, the result may be too unrealistic.

place a flag or arrow on a photo

if what you want is exactly place red arrow on photo To be able to point someone to something on an image like a screenshot, you can add arrows or whatever freehand edits you want to perform by tapping the pen tip icon and then the “+” button. With Add, you can add text.

Save photos to a specific size

Finally, something to use when you want Makes the perfect wallpaper or you need a specific print size, you can change the photo’s size and aspect ratio by clicking the square icon in the top bar, then selecting the desired size/aspect ratio in the bottom bar. This way, your image will fit perfectly as a background on your desired device, or printed in your desired photo frame.

Image | Vadim Bogolov

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