5 YouTube channels that became our personal trainer


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Credit: Istock

If you got tired of the Instagrams Live or just want to start exercising with workouts short but effective, YouTube is the answer. We leave it up to the top 5 accounts that will make you sweat and work the body from head to toe. Just look up the routines that go with your mood, put on your exercise clothes, a good playlist and ready to go.


Yes, we are obsessed with Nike, but it is for a good reason. Well, actually many. How amazing your YouTube channel is that you have complete classes taught by Master Trainers, including Kirsty Godso, and Betina Gozo. Like that have the content of nutrition and short videos that explain how you can improve your workoutsfor example, using a foam roller.

2. MadFit

The workouts short and ultra-effective are the specialty of Maddie. This trainer has all sorts of short videos, from yoga to high intensity. Best of all is that it also has a section of videos of low-impact that care the knees.

3. Chloe Ting

Possibly it is one of the YouTubers of exercise most famous of the time. Their channel includes routines short and very focused in certain areas. If you want to upload the pomp but not the legs or to get abs in two weeks, Chloe is the best bet.

4. Alo Yoga

Yoga classes fast that help you to stretch all the muscles of the body and relax are the best in the world. Alo Yoga makes this type of workouts, but also do other strength training, cardio and HIIT. If you’re looking for something comprehensive and short, here it is.

5. Alexis Ren

Technically, this is not an account of exercise. But, it has a video of abs that you need in your life. This workout has 27 million views, and lasts for 9:57 minutes, but don’t feel that this easy, because everything otherwise. The first few times will hurt all, but little by little you’re going to go to dominate the movements and checking your abs like those of Alexis Ren.