5G device the First Nokia 8.3 Released, with the camera 64 MP


Nokia 8.3. (Nokia)

Hitekno.com – Nokia not long ago released a couple of new devices, although Nokia’s focus on the middle segment and the budget as a pasara upper class, but now you can bring the device 5G, your first.

Unit 5G, the first Nokia series Nokia 8.3 5G, of this smartphone has the attention of the netizens. Compared with the current smartphones, a lot of things done, but a smartphone made by Nokia, this is very impressive.

The Smartphone is 8.3 5G focus on the range of the camera, the device is equipped with a high-resolution camera, the sensor has 64 MP on the settings of the quad-camera.

Quoted from page Ubergizmo, Nokia claims that the phone is designed for photography, the minimum of light.

Not only that, this smartphone is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragin 765G supported with Android.

Nokia 8.3. (Nokia)
Nokia 8.3. (Nokia)

Almost the same with the previous phone, Nokia 8.3 5G is also equipped with the renewal of the software during the 2-year and 3-year security updates.

In addition to phone 8.3 5G Nokia also the Nokia 5.3 Nokia 1.3 and Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (classic edition) announced.

Nokia 8.3 5G is not provided, the competition in the segment of top-class and price with a price of 599 euros, or around Usd 10 million for the version with 6 GB+64GB.

For warian 8 GB + 128 GB priced at 649 euros, or about Rp 11 million.

Nokia 5.3 is planned and will be in April with a price of about 189 Euro 0 or around Rp 3.2 million variants of 4 GB +64 GB.

Nokia 1.3 costs only 95 euros, or about Rp 1.6 million, while the Nokia 5310 classic sold only 39 euros, which is approximately Usd 676 thousand.