6 gems from the history of the Venice Film Festival

80th Venice Film Festival. was archived with the Golden Lion’s victory Poor thingsdirector Yorgos Lanthimos. Venice has always been one of the most important scenes on the international stage, especially in Europe, and many directors and producers decide to start working during this event. Biennale of Cinema their films, even the most anticipated ones.

Yorgos Lanthimos won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival for Bad Things

In many cases, these films became instant cult classics or huge successes with audiences and critics, even managing to win several Oscars. With our column “6 Jewels” we want to recommend you the best films released since then Venice Film Festival and that you must definitely recover.


It was 2017, when one of the first 6 gems presented at the festival Venetian cinemaor Joker director Todd Phillips. Joaquin’s performance in the film is simply outstanding. Phoenix which dramatizes the character, that is Arthur Fleckalways fighting with ourselves to find a place where we can feel accepted.

The film chronicles Arthur’s descent into madness. Flecka failed comedian slowly descending into madness that leads him to become one of the worst criminal minds in Gotham City. Phoenix it’s great, his performance earned him an Oscar for Best Actor. Todd Phillips took inspiration from some of the iconic films of the past directed by Martin. Scorseseone among all King for the night. If you haven’t had the chance to see yet Joker From Phillipsyou can watch it on Netflix.


71st del festival Venetian cinema opens with some of the best films of 2014 starring Michael. Keatonthat is Birdman. Enter list permissions 6 gemsbecause it’s a perfect parallel between the plot of Alejandro’s movie Iñárritu and the life of the main character (Riggan Toms/Birdman) performed by Michael Keaton.

The film that belongs to Keaton decided to participate, taking on the role of the main character. This is because he himself was a “prisoner” in the role of a superhero, taking on the role Batman for a long time. In fact, the actor was sweating and trying his best to break out of this label, and he succeeded perfectly, and that is why the character Birdman he felt it was his. Essentially, the film is about an actor who remained in the image of a winged hero too often that he could no longer tear himself away from it. You can find Birdman be on DisneyPlus How are you PrimeVideo.


Alfonso Cuaron director Gravity he made one of the films that remains in the collective imagination. Presented in70th Venice Film Festival, In 2013, the film starred Sandra Bullock and George. Clooney. These two will be involved in the space mission, Dr. Ryan. Stone and ship captain Matt Kowalskithey will have to deal with the shower of debris that rains down on them during the expedition outside the spacecraft. Gravity enter de 6 gems for his innovative approach to science fiction and space travel cinema.

After an impact and a series of problems that cause severe damage to the spacecraft and injure many crew members, the doctor will have to find a way to return to Earth. An expedition that ends badly while navigating space alone will test the protagonist. Thanks to this great performance Bullock deserved a nomination Oscar. In total, the film wins in 4 and 10 nominations.


Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, Vittorio Gassman, Robert De Niro and many others, for the exceptional cast led by Barry Livinson. Sleepers was featured on 1996 Venice Film Festivaland joins our list 6 gems because it is one of the timeless masterpieces that will always be relevant. In fact, the film tells the story of the lives of 4 boys who would later become 4 men, starting in the summer of 1966.

Four boys, Lorenzo, Michael, John and Tommy, pull a stunt on a hot dog vendor, nearly killing an elderly man outside a subway exit. Sentenced to 18 months in prison, the boys emerge from the horrific experience particularly damaged in spirit and decide to take revenge 10 years later. You can find Sleepers on Sky and now and if you haven’t, return it immediately.

Saving Private Ryan

No one “6 gems“one of the era-defining films directed by Stephen was not to be missed Spielberg and presented 55th Venice Film Festival in 1998. Spielberg probably made one of the best war films, thanks in part to Tom’s excellent acting skills. HanksMatt Damon and Edward Burns.

The iconic opening scene with the landing, the trembling soldiers in the boats trying to disembark, is where every director should start and take inspiration from today. In fact only in the technical sector Saving Private Ryan he won 3 Oscar, the other 2 are for directing and photography. You may find a masterpiece Spielberg on Netflix.

Good boys – these good boys

It was 1990 and at the Venice Film Festival. presents what is still considered one of the most beautiful films in the history of cinema, These good guys. Martin Scorsese he outdid himself by making one of the best mafia films ever. Enter on the right 6 gems precisely for these reasons and the impact it had on cinema.

It’s a pity for the only victory Oscar Joe Fish as Best Supporting Actor, even though we know it’s a win Oscar that’s not always the sign of a good film. fools he is a perfect example of this, with 7 nominations and only 1 win. The film tells the story of an Italian-Irish American who makes a career in the New York mafia of the 1950s. You can watch the film on the Now and Sky website.

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