6 heroes of the Strongest ML of the damage-pain in the season 16 Mobile legends


Moonton presents an assortment of hero in the Mobile legends, there are different role and the role of the individual heroes, such as offliners, a Midlaner and a Carry able to with a team from victory to victory. However, recently, a lot of players in search of a Hero Terkual ML of long-lasting attractiveness and as well as dealing high damage.

Well, that may be what you are looking for and is suitable for use. Heroes with skills like most of the fighters, because in addition to strong, it is a fighter, has a huge damage and hard to beat.

Not only that, the role of the mobile legends fighters can easily defeat the enemy close range and very effective.

Hero The Strongest Of The Season, 16 In The Mobile Legends


The hero in assassin Mobile legends. Ling is a hero with the strongest attack in the Mobile legends at this time. Ling can be easily attached to the wall with skill of 1 the ambush the enemy with agile.

In addition to, it is an ultimate skill is ling that it can jump to is immune, the damage and the knockup makes it very strong when fighting.

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X. Borg

Hero Winrate, the Highest Mobile legends Ranked ML!

It is the hero fighter cyborg is the strongest. X. Borg has an ability that is passive, that it is very strong.

Each skill X. Borg is very troublesome, with a combination of fire, missiles, fire-share up to ultimatenya, X. Borg are not invincible in the Land of the dawn.


In hero Fighter, Thamuz, a hero with durability is high. His own blood is very hard to beat. He has the ability, with attacks, powerful, and deadly.

Skill first Thamuz throw a disc of fire, with a speed that fast. The second Skill of the enemies in the recital can draw is that the ulitimate damage, as well as regenari can be quick to Thamuz.

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In addition to the fighters, it turns out that Lunox is also a hero of the strongest in the Mobile legends. This Hero has two personalities, and have up to 5 skills that you can use.

Skill Lunox has high damage while healing. Ultimate Skill Lunox alone can do, Blink in and attack the enemy with a Chaos Assault streak.


Who says to die that Alucard is a hero who is simple? This Hero has two roles, namely, the fighters at once, assassin. Especially at the end of season 15, Alucard is a hero will get the buff until he is strong in the Mobile legends.

This Hero has a lifesteal that high, if attacked in the Late Game, he has to kill the blood thick and difficult, even though.

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The hero of the strongest at once menyebal in Mobile is legends. These heroes have skill 2: injector, makes enemies pissed off, because the occupation at the specified Position.

The most interesting is, in addition to strong, Jawhead also has high damage and can even kill enemies with a single attack. Skill Ultimatenya own that sucks with the lock hero and gave him a stun with massive damage.

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Well, the 6 heroes are the Strongest in the Mobile legends. Every hero has his pros and cons of each, how strong the hero is, of course, very dependent on the user itself. Welcome to play.