6 Home Tips to Avoid Gas by Eating Beans, It’s Easier and More Effective than You Think

this beans They are very nutritious foods with very little fat, Rich in plant protein. We can find many types of pulses all year round and with them we can make many delicious recipes, such as lentils, chickpeas, fava beans… both hot and cold.Beans can be stew, stew or boil And add them to other dishes, such as salads, pate, veggie burgers or cold cream.

Despite expert advice Eat beans 3 times a week To maintain a healthy diet, they can be very annoying to some people as they produce gas due to the starch they contain called starch Oligosaccharidesnot digested well in the intestines.

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To solve this problem, don’t miss these 6 sure-fire tips for avoiding bloating.

Soak beans before cooking

Soaking beans the night before is a trick our mothers and grandmothers used Soften them and reduce cooking time. But beyond that, doing so removes skin membranes and releases the oligosaccharides they contain, making them better digestible and preventing gas.Also recommended Change the water several times during this process.


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