6 hours of Fuji, Toyota doubles in qualifying. Chasing a Ferrari

The session was dominated by number 7 Kobayashi; 499P, in sixth and seventh positions, will try to return to the penultimate stage of the WEC.

ROME – This is a deuce Toyota V qualification from 6 hours Fujipenultimate stage of the World Championship VEC. At his home track, Kobayashi set a time of 1:27.794, leaving a significant lead over the rest of the group, starting with teammate Hartley, who was more than six-tenths of a second behind. Ferrari They failed to make it through the session, which also saw rain at the end, and will be looking to move up the grid for tomorrow’s race: Calado is sixth at #51, followed by Nielsen at #50.. The surprise is in the second row, where two Team Penske Porsches are parked; fifth place for the #2 Cadillac with Lynn. Tomorrow, starting at 4 Italian time, the race starts.

6 Hours of Fuji Qualification Results

  1. Toyota No. 7
  2. Toyota No. 8
  3. Porsche No. 6
  4. Porsche No. 5
  5. Cadillac No. 2
  6. Ferrari No. 51
  7. Ferrari #50
  8. Porsche Team Hota #38
  9. Porsche Proton #99
  10. Peugeot #93
  11. Peugeot #94
  12. Vanwall #4

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