6 tricks and tips to enhance round face with makeup

Contouring, highlighter, well-placed blush: how to flatter a round face with makeup? From Gigi Hadid to Cameron Diaz, take a look at the tips and products used by celebs and the makeup looks they inspired

6 tricks and tips to enhance round face with makeup

sculpt makeup It’s gone viral ever since he (hyper)used it Kim Kardashian, without excessive makeup, using the technique of framework and advice from makeup artists round face we can get right Advice To enhance it and rebalance its proportions. Firstly, what does a round face look like? It helps to understand the difference between square or oval face. The round shape is not so common, although it is the easiest to recognize. Its proportions are similar to those of a square face, since the horizontal and vertical axes are approximately the same length. so its proportion is the same as that of a square face and its roundness is the same as that oval, the bottom is the same half circle which passes through the chin, the cheek bones are rounded, the chin and forehead are poorly defined, and the cheeks appear “plump” even though they are small. There are many such stars whose shape is as follows: Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomezchrissy teigen, Cameron Diaz, Ginnifer Goodwin, Miranda Kerr…let’s see together 6 Tips and Products to create makeup inspired by celebrity round face!

Contouring for a round face, tips and the right products for the perfect makeup!

aim of framework For this particular face shape, one of the most sought after GoogleIs this “effectiveface, making it look more oval. In general, contouring is a technique based on sports contrast between light and shadow, to create individual volumes that rebalance and restore different areas of the face. The parts to be highlighted become lighter, thus giving them more volume, while the parts to be reduced become darker, making them appear more “subdued”. . Highlighter, blush, bronzer, perfect color for eyes and lips…From facial contours to cheekbones to lips, here’s how to make a round face oval to give it more harmony In 6 steps and with the right products!

Create a smooth and shiny base, nix primer

Plump Right Back Primer + Serum and a Plump Finish Plumping Fixing Spray

For book of hymns, you can choose the one that best suits your skin. Covering, transparent or slightly tinted, pore-clogging… there are all kinds of super-performing ones on the market. gives us a good idea Nix Cosmeticswith set which includes a Plump Right Back Primer + Serum and a Plump Finish Plumping Fixing Spray, two products Makeup and skin care Together, the perfect companion for up to 24 hours of deep hydration and a smoothing makeup base that preps skin for even makeup application. Plumping effect setting spray sets makeup and instantly creates a more toned look. Both formulas are enriched with electrolytes and vitamins.

“Sculpt” the face with Huda Beauty’s Compact Powder, Tantour Contour and Bronzer Cream.

Tantour Contour and Bronzer Cream Huda Beauty

mostly sculptingThere are 3 areas to work: LE the temples and the sides of the forehead, which are darkened with compact powder to draw attention to the center of the face; cheekbonesof which we will darken the underside of the bone (forming a small triangle with the tip roughly in the center of the face), starting from the center of the cheeks and blending up to the temples, jaw, which will deepen following the jawline and encroach slightly toward the neck, blending the bronzer downward. It is recommended to be used for applying contouring brush Well cleansed, with blush. The texture of the powder or bronzer should be opaque to give the shadow a natural effect. Getting the shadows is the hardest part: so that they don’t look like spots, the earth must be spread evenly. homogeneous, depending on their size eyes, nose and lips They can always be “sculpted” to balance the harmony of the face, but never excessively. for example to dilute nose, or to put it less clearly, scatter soil over the edges. It is better not to choose bronzers that are too orange or golden, natural shades like dove gray or dark sand are more suitable. Tantour Contour and Bronzer Cream by Huda Beauty is a 2 in 1 bronzer, The formula of Huda Beauty Cream Bronzer with intense pigments allows you to achieve a natural tan of the desired effect. Tantour provides a natural glow by mixing different colors. Easy to apply, the formula is long-lasting and water-resistant. Apply Tantour Bronzer in short strokes to desired areas. Using a soft brush, blend the edges in an upward circular motion for a flawless, natural finish.

Shiny, delicate and not too shiny. Charlotte Tilbury’s Pairing Is Perfect

Filmstar Bronze and Glowlight by Charlotte Tilbury

like earth, too luminous It should suit your undertone, and is used to apply highlight the center facial. Beware of overly shiny or metallic highlighters, opt for delicate textures and unmistakable sparkles. Apply it on the center of the forehead, under the eyes, in the middle of the nose and on the cupid’s bow. For an added touch of light, apply it under bronzer, in the center of your cheekbones and jawline. The earthless point of the cheeks, below the earth, between the cheek bone and the jaw, is evident. Filmstar Bronze and Glowlight by Charlotte Tilbury For fair to medium skin, there’s an entire contouring palette for buildable and lightweight coverage. Earth and highlighter two in one: the bronzer is a combination of pearls and pigments for the effect of a sculpted face and sun-kissed skin, while the highlighter features a golden base ideal to enhance all skin tones thanks to Light Flex technology, that captures and reflects light exactly where you want it.

Blush for a touch of color in the right places. Try Sisley Paris’s Phyto-Blush Twist

Try Sisley Paris's Phyto-Blush Twist

Shame it applies indirect, to avoid the face from being wide, always in the most central area of ​​the face and never horizontally or outward, following the slope created between the shadow and the light point on the cheekbone. An added touch of color and shine that harmoniously complements the contour helps to shape the cheeks even more, making them appear longer and therefore giving the face a leaner look and a thinner nose. Sisley Paris’s Phyto-Blush Twist Is a Creamy Blush Stick that melts into skin for an instant and long-lasting healthy glow. Its cream-to-powder texture transforms into a powder after application, giving a touch of natural and luminous color with a velvety finish. Enriched with Camellia and Shea oils to help moisturise the skin.

eyebrow shape, never too thin

To redefine the face and change its proportions, it is important to draw the eyebrows and refine them with a special pencil to correct their shape. They should not be too thin but should be well designed and cared for to slim down the face and balance its roundness. As the makeup manual suggests, point “C” upward and toward the central axis of the face, giving a slimming effect and correcting imperfections, emphasizing the verticality of lines and reducing the perceived size of the cheeks. Is.

The makeup is neutral and subtle, in contrast to the eyes and lips, rounding out

nars afterglow lip balm

also for eyes and lips there are Advice To reduce the roundness of the face. Often people with round faces can also have small or “heart-shaped” lips: this is always good. Avoid Red too bright or too many colors dark, which may not be suitable for thin lips. to define eye shape, it is necessary to apply an eyeshadow (or the same bronzer used for the face) on the crease of the eye, blend inward, and spread a neutral and light eyeshadow (like flesh) on the mobile eyelid. A touch of highlighter on the waterline and under the browbone will amp up the result. Yes, false eyelashes, mascara and black pencil (but only in the upper waterline) and eyeliner to lengthen the shape upwards. For evening makeup, which is always designed for a round face, you can opt for classic sfake eyes, take care to blend well and not darken the eyes too much, to keep them from crinkling. Obviously contouring can also be used lipsCreating volume through points of light or using two colours, lighter in the center and darker at the edges, tracing the outline with a pencil of the same color to enhance volume and definition. Even for the nuances of the lips light and neutral colorslike pink lip gloss, unless it’s too glittery, or a light lipstick. nars afterglow lip balm Leaves a veil of lightweight colour, a luxurious finish and hydrated lips at the right points. It suits every complexion in the much-loved orgasm shade (out of eight available). Its formula, infused with antioxidants and enriched with Mono Hydrating Complex, helps protect lips.

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