60 series, films and documentaries such as ‘Don’t look up’, the return of ‘Cobra Kai’ and the end of ‘La casa de papel’

November enters its final stretch and, as always, it is time to get to know the main streaming news. So let’s start with the 60 series, films and documentaries to come to Netflix this coming December.

A month thateven if it seems a priori less prolific than others, we have several essential titles such as the end of ‘The paper house’ or the return of ‘Cobra Kai’, ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Emily in Paris’. Let’s see what we have.

The 13 best Netflix series in 2021 (for now)

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What’s New from David Finch as a Producer is a collection of essays on film that pay tribute to art and the connection between viewers and what is seen on the big screen.

‘Satruday Morning All Star Hits!’

Enus Smash S1 4x5 Rgb Pre

Kyle Mooney stars in this hybrid series that mixes animation and real images in a tribute to television in the eighties and nineties, more specifically to cartoons that entertained entire generations every Saturday morning.

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‘It was the hand of God’

One of the great cinematographic bets of Netflix comes from the hand of the always hypnotizing Paolo Sorrentino with a poetic account of his young years, when the concerns were football (and there is Maradona who gives the film its title) and losing his virginity.

From December 15 | Review

‘Don’t look up’

If we look at the number of stars per square meter, we must highlight this black comedy by Adam McKay and that brings together Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and many more in the chronicle of two astronomers who try to warn the world of the imminent arrival of a comet that threatens to destroy the Earth.

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  • ‘Exploring the Snow. The Final Volume ‘(3/12)
  • ‘Carolin Kebekus. The Last Christmas Special ‘(8/12)
  • Russell Howard. Lubricant ‘(14/5)
  • ‘Balloon and the wonders of the reef’ (16/12)
  • ‘The King (Elvis Presley)’ (12/22)
  • ‘Bicycles vs. Cars’ (23/12)

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