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Belinda Carlisle, 65, meets the multitalented co-founder of 'The Go-Go's'

Belinda Carlisle, 65, meets the multitalented co-founder of ‘The Go-Go’s’

today we celebrate 65 years Belinda Carlylelead singer and vocalist new wave and Rock Go-Go’sone of the women’s set farther successful of all the time.

transit different genres Throughout his career, Carlisle I already received it great success as possible soloist as part of Gogo’s.

From punk to new wave

born in August 17, 1958 exist Los Angeles, CA, by Belinda Jo Carlyle yes second of six brothers. his music career start as drummer exist In 1977, join in band of punk rock bacteria, under pen name of Dotty is dangerous.

However, his passage Germs used to be quite briefly, Given give up subsequent collection contract mononucleosis, didn’t even reach Sculpture nor live performance with the band. The weird thing is, Carlisle appeared in a Record of band of In 1977, render them in Nightclub “Whiskey” let’s goremaining shots immortal inside live album from the band, “Fungicide”.

Belinda Carlyle keep walking punk rock When, help and background vocals for the band Black Randy and the Subway Squad.Once out bacteria, singer quickly co-founded Gogo’sThat at first received Name of do not adapt, beside Margot Olavaria, Alisa Bello and Jan Wedelin.

shortly after its establishment Gogo’s, olavaria and beautiful left side this group and Charlotte Caffey, Kathy Valentine and gina shock he add up arrive band. With such a cast of artists, Gogo’s be one of them most successful american band of 80′, help to promote sex new wave domestic.

Go-Go Achievements and His Trials as a Soloist

Carlisle and Gogo’s With the album “beauty and beat‘, of 1981. with like’we have the rhythm‘ anyone ‘There are many”, the record reached Considerable success.

so that the band became The first and only all-female band to write their own music and play their own instruments to reach No. 1 with a single album.

along with separate of Gogo’s exist 1985, Carlisle started his career soloist, debut with his “Belinda” album exist 1986. his profile is soloist take her cooperate other iconic figure of music, as Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac anyone andy taylor of Duran Duran.

exist 1987, Carlisle he launched’heaven and earth‘, his second album of study, what did you get three singles inside top 10 of american billboard and a to nominate arrive grammy awards, who lost DS.

first single from the album,’heaven is a place on earth“, arrived soon top of get ready of USA and U.K. and his promotional video By award winning actress of Oscar, Diane Keaton.

at the moment and from 1999, Carlisle continue your Successful career as soloist and with other members of group rearm gogo’s, keep their Now 65 years old two iconic aspects from his music life.

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