7 best films based on ancient mythology

They may not be as appreciated today as they were just a few years ago, but films based on ancient mythology marked an important chapter in the history of cinema. Some of the first films of the 1910s were based on ancient myths. AND famous ashes (even the Italians) of the 1950s took not only from the Bible, but also from ancient myth. That’s why we thought it might be worth defining 7 best films based on ancient mythology.

1. Troy

Troy;  Cinematographe.it

Troy it is perhaps the most representative film among films based on Greek myths. This isIliad Homer, to become the basis for a film telling the last days of the Trojan War and the adventures of various main characters, naturally focusing on Achilles (iconic character Brad Pitt) and on Hector. A blockbuster that isn’t made anymore.

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2. Medea among the best films based on ancient mythology

Medea this is not the only film that Pasolini makes based on Greek mythology. But it is certainly the most successful, even if it is not strictly a myth, but a tragedy. In any case, he is the main character of the film. beautiful Maria Callas, the central and cardinal moment of Pasolini’s film. The film was highly praised by critics, but did not have the desired success with the public.

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3. 300

The best most parodied scenes Cinematographe.it

Zack Snyder’s film became famous for its many iconic scenes and the almost comic book style in which it was shot. It was no coincidence that it was based on the comic book of the same name by Frank Miller and that Miller himself collaborated with the director on the film. Ultraviolent and graphic splashes, 300 he was loved and hated, unable to find a synthesis in the tastes of the public and critics. However, it remains an interesting and somewhat entertaining vision. The sequel, however, is very forgettable.

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4. Spartacus among the best films based on ancient mythology

Spartacus, Cinematographe.it

When Stanley Kubrick had not yet become Stanley Kubrick, but was on his way to becoming one, he directed Spartacus, taken from the famous (and more or less true) events about the slave Spartacus, who rebelled against his Roman masters. The main character is played by Kirk Douglas, with whom Kubrick had something to say during the making of the film. So much so that he did not fully acknowledge his creative parentage, not having full creative control over the film.

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5. Hercules

Classic Disney characters Cinematographe.it

Who didn’t love Hercules, one of Disney’s greatest classics? Who hasn’t sung his songs? Who hasn’t danced with the muses scoring the film? Everything works, even the characters: Hades is a fun and iconic villain, Megara is a strong and independent woman, something we rarely saw in movies back then. All this, of course, is accompanied by a pleasant background message that cannot be missed.

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6. Brother, where are you? among the best films based on ancient mythology

Brother, where are you?

It may not seem so at first glance, but the Coen brothers’ famous film (one of the most unanimously acclaimed by critics) is based on ancient mythology and, in particular, fromOdyssey Homer. But what on closer inspection Brother, where are you? Tales is exactly that: an odyssey of three main characters who cross parts of the United States in search of treasure and have special encounters along the way. Just like Ulysses.

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7. Amazing woman

Gal Gadot's Cleopatra;  Cinematographe.it

The most recent film mentioned. Amazing woman it draws heavily on ancient myths and in particular the stories of the Amazons, of which it is a part. The myth ends here: The film and its sequel go their own way, the action takes place in the present, where myth has no place. But that’s okay, considering that what he says, he says excellently.

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