7 best movies and series from Aubrey Plaza

Nominated for a 2023 Golden Globe and Emmy for White Lotus 2, Aubrey Plaza has captivated everyone with her scowl, cynicism and bewilderment since Parks and Recreation. Here are the best roles of an increasingly emerging actress between film and television.

7 best movies and series from Aubrey Plaza

There are translators who have a special and immediately recognizable face and expression. Among them, we can certainly count Aubrey Plaza, born in 1984 in Washington DC, who soon showed her comedic talent, making herself visible in cabaret and web series. His look of constant disappointment and veiled condemnation perfectly expresses his cynicism and energy, which, however, does not cease to hide a heart that can bring big surprises to the people he cares about. Thanks to this, she has been able to assemble various roles in her already brilliant career, which range from drama to comedy, but always have a comic, perhaps bitter, basis. This is true on both the big and small screen, and let’s try to summarize this in 7 best movies and series from Aubrey Plaza.

Aubrey Plaza movies

We have selected four iconic films representing four stages the life and career of Aubrey Plaza, one of the 100 most influential people in the world according to Time magazine in 2023. From a true comic book cult that has become equally popular in the pop nerd community, to a coming-of-age teen summer film, a remake of the iconic horror, to the latest effort from a British action director.

Julie Powers in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

Scott Pilgrim vs Mira Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza as Julie Powers in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. world

It’s amazing how Scott Pilgrim vs. The world has become as iconic a movie as the comic book it’s based on, thanks to the skillful hand of Edgar Wright. Mano, who also won the casting call, and among many we mention Julie Powers of Aubrey Plaza, a twenty-two-year-old acquaintance of protagonist Scott (Michael Cera), who works in Cup Two with her younger sister, Stacey. She is constantly irritable and obnoxious, intimidating everyone she talks to, including her boyfriend Steven, the lead singer and guitarist of Sex Bob-omb, a band the protagonist is also a member of. But she also likes to host themed parties in her loft.

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Brandi Clark in The To Do List (2013)

To do list: Aubrey Plaza eating ice cream in a lifeguard chair

To do list: Aubrey Plaza eating ice cream in a lifeguard chair

Brandi Clarke is the absolute protagonist of The To-Do List, a classic summer teen movie full of lewdness, while at the same time trying to be a buildungsroman, bringing out Plaza’s less and less politically correct features. Brandi graduates in 1993 and is ready to go to college, but she has a to-do list (master) before she enters college and then into adulthood. Despite the advice of her best friends, the girl decides to flip the above list and have her first sexual experience by losing her virginity. It’s really going to be a summer where everything changes thanks to her friends and sister Amber (none other than Rachel Bilson from OS).

Karen Barclay in Child’s Play (2019)

Killer Doll 12

Puppet Slayer: Aubrey Plaza Dramatic Scene

A remake of Tom Holland’s 1988 cult hit, this time directed by Lars Klevberg, Child’s Play. (Child Game) relaunches the story with Mark Hamill, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry and Tim Matheson. Aubrey Plaza has the task of interpreting Karen Barclay, the protagonist’s mother, the child who encounters the title’s cursed doll, originally played by Katherine Hicks from Seventh heavengiving her courage and sarcasm in self-defense.

Sarah Fidel in Operation Fortune (2023)

Operation Fortune 1

Operation Fortune: a frame from the film

Guy Ritchie he continues to entertain with his action films with a refined British flair and over the top, almost caricatured criminals. Last on the list is Operation Fortune (original Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre) starring Jason Statham, Hugh Grant and Josh Hartnett. Next to them in the female lead is Aubrey Plaza as hacker Sarah Fidel, an indispensable member of the team at the center of the story, who, like all of Richie’s characters, has many surprises in store throughout the film.

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Aubrey Plaza series

In the full filmography of Aubrey Plaza, there are not only film projects, quite the contrary. The actress and comedian exploded with and never turned down television series, first in two more niche but very high quality products, and finally with a role so iconic that she was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an award. Emmy.”

April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation (2009–2015)

Aubrey Plaza is April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation

Aubrey Plaza is April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation

parks and recreation areas and April Ludgate, Ron Swanson’s legendary secretary is as apathetic as she is inefficient, as when she gave him 94 appointments, all scheduled for March 31st, for constant delays and not to disturb him, convinced that this is a non-existent day in the calendar. One of the many cult episodes that touches on her and that over time will see her become more and more involved with the character Andy (Chris Pratt), with whom they form one of the cutest and most quirky couples on the small screen.

Parks and Recreation: The Government of Laughter

Lenny Basker in Legion (2017 – 2019)

Legion: Aubrey Plaza scene in Season 2

Legion: Aubrey Plaza scene in Season 2

Among all the Aubrey Plaza series, this is by far the least known, but no less important. Noah Hawley After Fargo wanted to rush into yet another impossible adaptation, coming out the winner, namely an innovative approach, more from a psychological thriller than an action movie, to the movie comic book genre, adapting David Haller, the eponymous Marvel comic character, indirectly related to the X-Men, who on the map is the son of Charles Xavier, apparently suffering from schizophrenia, but in fact one of the most powerful beings in the world in the Legion. Plaza has the important task of interpreting Lenny Basker, a friend of the protagonist who is addicted to alcohol and drugs, and a patient in the same hospital where he is hospitalized. After the severe accident she will be involved in, she will still remain a constant presence in David’s life in his mind (or mental maze, rather) like all people in his existence.

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Harper Spiller in The White Lotus (2022)

White Lotus 2 Aubrey Plaza

White Lotus: Aubrey Plaza as Monica Vitti in a scene from Season 2

social satire Mike White Through the patrons and staff of the chain of resorts around the world, “White Lotus” caused a lot of talk in the second season about the setting in our Sicily, including with the participation of part of the Italian cast. Become more popular and less niche than the first cycle, White Lotus 2 – Sicily Plaza starred as Harper Spiller, the apparently tough and constantly irritated young wife of Ethan, a tech genius who sold his own company, on vacation with her husband and pals Cameron and Daphne, two rich snobs with whom Ethan wants to keep a good relationship due to Job. Their vacation will become somehow nightmarish and muddy manage squaremade of malice and revenge. Plaza is the protagonist among many already iconic scenes, thanks to his apparently blank stare, an episode he deliberately quotes. Monica Vitti AND Adventure (1960), the first film of Michelangelo Antonioni’s existential tetralogy and uncommunicativeness. A role that has already earned her a 2023 Golden Globe and Emmy nomination.

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