7 Best New Android games of the month of February, 2020, Let’s Play!


To develop not only in the larger platforms like console and PC, the video game industry to continue and accelerate, which is engaged in the platform of “simple,” which began now to be very mobile. Especially for the Android platform, there are a variety of new games that “hatches” every month, with quality that is constantly growing and is better.

February 2020 then there is no exception, where a number of new games and attractive, adorn the page, the Play Store was crowded by millions of game. From a spin-off from one of the popular comic in Webtoon up multiplayer competitive as Overwatch, here 7 Android games new most exciting from the months of February up to 2020.

1. Kick-Flight

7 Best New Android games of the month of February, 2020, Let's Play!gamerbraves.com

Kick-flight is the game arcade this is not only interesting, but also entertaining. This contributes to the style of the game PvP and online against a real player. At the Kick-flying, the player is allowed to “fall” in an open area and fight against the other.

In terms of the premise, this is similar to what Supercell offer on the brawl stars. In this game the option gives the screen vertically or horizontally, depending on the convenience and preference of the player. Remember the game with the visual style of the anime is still new, so no wonder if sometimes there are bug that appears to be.

2. Lucid Adventure

7 Best New Android games of the month of February, 2020, Let's Play!apkpure.com

Lucid Adventure is a game genre RPG, which was adapted from a popular comic in Webtoon – Hardcore Leveling a warrior. In this game, players begin the adventure as a former champion who lost his powers.

The player has the mission to restore the strength by the various stories of the narrative, the most important. Lucid adventure has a variety of options skill and the characters that can be played. In addition, it also comes with PvP mode online, event routine and other things that are normally not there in RPG-games mobile.

3. Might & Magic: Chess Royale

7 Best New Android games of the month of February, 2020, Let's Play!rockpapershotgun.com

Might & Magic: Chess Royale differ from the genus, which is in the possession of game main. This is a game car-fighter and have gameplay right game car-fighter others, such as Dota under lords and car-chess.

In this game, the player is faced with 99 other players real-time and the winner is who can survive till the end. There is an element of strategy is quite good in this game, in addition to a variety of iconic characters franchise Might & Magic, which can be collected. This is far from perfect, but very worthy to be played.

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4. Overdrive-City

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7 Best New Android games of the month of February, 2020, Let's Play!motor1.com

Overdrive-city is a simulation game race with a premise that is not filmed is much different than Grand Prix story Kairosoft. Players can create a company, they produce the car and bring it to the race to the victory.

The game comes with 50 cars of various Brand famous, a variety of customization options and cool features, the other on how to build a city with roads for the race. Plus, players can also play the mode Careerthere are a number of social elements. Overall, the game is solid.

5. Pico Tanks

7 Best New Android games of the month of February, 2020, Let's Play!bluestacks.com

Pico Tanks online battle this is quite exciting and entertaining. In this game, teams consisting of two players fight against other teams on to victory. Pico Tanks are equipped with multiple modes together, genreas his capture the flag, deathmatch and Neutral Flag – in which players take the charge and send it to the headquarters.

Checks will be funded, is also mastered very well and easy to use, with only a couple of times to play. The only flaw in this game can only in-app purchase this is pretty annoying.

6. Shadowgun War Games

7 Best New Android games of the month of February, 2020, Let's Play!madfingergames.com

Wars, war games is released, the biggest game on Feb. It was developed by MADFINGER Games, known as Dead Trigger and dragon blaze-be out of the ordinary.

Other with the series Shadowgun other, war-games is similar to Overwatch, in which players choose characters with unique skills and fight with these skills against other players. The match in this game are relatively fast, visual possession is quite nice and the controls also ala-agal-FPS-game-classic. Plus, it has also played a support with a controller.

7. Summer-Catcher

7 Best New Android games of the month of February, 2020, Let's Play!3rd-strike.com

Summer-Catcher is the latest game from Noodlecake Studios, the developers behind the Alto Odyssey phenomenal. This is basically a 2D game side-scroller with elements platformer, RhythmPuzzles and races. All of the popular Genres fused, and drag it, it will be very good.

Visual also feels modern, although it is a bit of a retro feel full of color. In this game, players can also have different abilities to facilitate the level to unlock-by-level. Remember, this is a paid game, then there is no purchase option in it.

This was a small report on the game, new Android-the most exciting February 2020. Interested to try to play a series of games at the top?

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