7 customized pocket bikes with which Honda presents itself at Wheels & Waves (Gallery)

The result of a collaboration with artists from several European countries, these seven “pocket” specials are very short. Which of the two Dax, two MSX125s and three monkeys will get the most votes at the show in Biarritz from 21 to 25 June?

June 22, 2023

PFor the 2023 edition of the project honda customs He was born wheels and wavesThe famous event dedicated to the culture of customization is taking place in Biarritz these days, with the Japanese company focusing on its famous and beloved pocket bike. Dax, MSX (Grom) and above all Monkey are the protagonists of the seven interpretations of the highest level Performed by many artists and trainers from many European countries. Seven special contests and the one with the most votes on the www.hondacustoms.com website will be declared the winner, as was the case for the CMX500 Rebel last year. mainboard Customized by the Sardinian Motocycli Audaci Workshop and for the Mototrafa CB650R in 2021 and Fenix from portugal.

But let’s have a look at these short specials which have only small dimensions and instead showed a huge work of study, revision, preparation.

1. Wait! (United Kingdom)

MAT B Customs and Guy Willison He drove a Grom (here the MSX) tall and fast like a turbocharger-equipped gun bike. Don’t forget the nitrous oxide. matt, matby customsHe discovered his passion for customization at age 17 when he began his first creative experiments on friends and family’s sneakers. To date, his works are worn by Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Marcus Rashford.

“Being able to translate my artistic direction into something other than shoes or accessories was an incredible experience. We tried to make the bike fast enough that the paint would come off on its own, so we chose a “dripping” paint job. It turned out just as we thought it would!”

Guy Willison has recently collaborated with Honda UK on special limited editions of the CB1100RS and CB1000R models, making him the ideal person to design and build this one-off Grom. “When Honda UK asked me to work with Matt on this project I knew there was only one way forward – a fully turbocharged, nitrous oxide injected drag racer, minimalist styling and dedicated paintwork.”

2. Driving Me Mad (Spain)

COko Dewes and UFO Garage With tires ranging from Dax to Knobbly, the youth have been made a hub of joy.

Valeria Palmeiro, aka Coco Dévez, is a talented artist from Madrid who has built a career in painting, photography and art direction. Her multicolored universe has led her to collaborate with brands such as Chanel, Netflix, Prada and Dior.

“Being a part of this project has inspired me a lot. When I found out about the bike I was going to work on, DAX 125, one of my favorite video games from childhood, immediately came to my mind, I got inspired, I created the color palette that inspired the DAX 125. Gave life to each piece. ,

3. Monkey X Business (Austria)

AleAustrian artist Boycott and Titan Motorcycles They try their hand at a true ’70s styled chopper, with an extreme lean front end, high curved H-bar handlebar, sissy bar and raised exhaust. Much of Boycott’s work is illustrative, a combination of impromptu lines and shapes. His work has always been influenced by pop culture, skateboarding, everyday objects and urban environments.

“I immediately thought what do I have in common with monkeys – I love bananas. This was a recurring theme throughout the various stages of the bike’s conception. I wanted to make a motorcycle that was strong and bright in color, that would go unnoticed and look fun at first glance. I digitally painted the color scheme and basic theme, but I really enjoyed painting the bike itself. This way I was able to integrate even better the special shape of the helicopter made by the workshop.

4. Furiosa (Portugal)

Teabitter alves and preparer Art On Wheels Garage Dax into a post-apocalyptic vehicle: knobby tires, wolf-themed graphics, graffiti, custom exhaust with metal mesh and tartan textured details peeking out from the seat covers. Tamara Alves’ aesthetic comes from different parts of the street and urban context. His work is based on the primordial life force in which we are described by our tendencies.

“I took free inspiration from Mad Max and World of Tank Girl. Every modification has been carefully considered and the background motif I have chosen is that of a wolf. Their presence is a symbol of strength, independence and determination to conquer the streets…”

5. Tokyo (France)

Alefrench artist michael evannowhat most people know by this name grams and customizer george woodman They brought pop-art and its full, vibrant colors to the Honda Monkey. Grimes is also a visual artist and musician. boasts 6 solo albums, 8 collaborative releases with artists such as Sandwich Cluband partnerships with several brands including Nike, Swatch, and Converse.

6. Let’s Grom (Italy)

Alefor msx grom francesco marchesani was created in collaboration with Alex Polita, Former IDM Superbike title contender with his Fireblade. let’s grom Opens its graffiti-style wings over the tank, taking the observer into the world of two-wheelers in all its nuances. This bike is even more compact than the initial model. Small LED turn signals, shift guard, hand guard and no rear view mirror. Francesco Marchesani is an Italian graffiti artist, his works are present in several cities such as: Bologna, Palermo, Milan, Eindhoven and Los Angeles. He draws inspiration from animated characters, then adapts and decorates them with his own street style.

“When I work, I really like to use irony and craziness as a means to reach the supervisor. I often add a title to my works, to reinforce an underlying concept or to make the work worth re-reading. I like to use bright and cheery colors as a clear reference to the world of cartoons and comics.

7. Manjushage (Germany)

Youn’Elegant Monkey-Based Cafe by Racer woolarts23 and produced by maximilian zech – Honda technician based at the main Honda dealer center in Frankfurt – with a real knack for creativity. Yoshimura mufflers and rear shock absorbers improve performance and handling, while Leena painted the tank and fenders white with a red spider lily (manjushage in Japanese) motif. Note the little monkey on the collectors heat shield… Lana is a German artist known for her hyperrealistic pencil creations.

“I chose to paint red spider lilies because I like their monochrome look. The latter being very common in Japan, they are closely related to Honda’s roots. Also, the red color of Lily matches Honda Red perfectly. I even included some insects in the pictures because they are so beautiful to draw!”

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