7 Disney-Inspired Treasures to Get Your Feedback

Disney is known for its animated classics and family-friendly films. Thus, over its 100-year history, many of its products were described or simply did not receive attention due to their launch. There are films that are as good as their classics, but ultimately we haven’t achieved the same success as those medals.

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The reasons for this injustice vary: it was launched in the wrong era, or we were simply ready to become iconic again. Surely some of the treasures Disney lost are among your favorites, showing how exploration reaches the public for many at once. Ray Lean, Branca de Neve and Sete Anoins AND toy story.

With this injustice in mind, we’re reuniting some of the titles from Disney’s 100 years of existence that we needed to celebrate the second anniversary.

7. About Caldeiran Magico


I learned about many movies that almost resemble Disney cartoons. About Caldeiran Magico It is based on our two books in the first series. Like Chronicas de PridenLloyd Alexander.

The film tells the story of a mystical heater coveted by King Cipher, a villain who sought to subjugate his powers and conquer the world for himself. Having learned about the bandit’s plans, a boy named Taran, accompanied by the prince and a group of creatures, set off to try to get the first warmth.

Oh, for a long time Tom was a little darker than the Disney cartoons of the era, or caused such a ruckus in buildings. However, over the past two years, the production has regained its cult following, although many viewers remain confused by it.

6. Rocketeers


Based on our paintings by Dave Stevens, rocket scientist It was launched in 1991 and can be called a very big project in which Captain America mixed with Homem de Ferro.

Billy Campbell’s Strelado (4400) and Jennifer Connelly (Hulk), the film is set in 1938 and tells the story of aerobatic pilot Cliff. Remember that when he encounters a jetpack, he uses it to fly around in aviation without having to.

It helped people if the hero returned, but drew attention to the FBI, who were after the jetpack, as were Nazi forces attacking the government.

The film is very interesting, and it is interesting that its director Joe Johnston watched the film, which later helped determine the direction of another quadrinho adaptation: Captain America: O Primeiro Singador.

5. Frankenweenie


Frankenweenie This is a stop-motion film directed by Tim Burton.Vandinha), adapting a story created by the director in 1984. The film being the home of Frankenstein’s monster is part of the story of Garoto named Victor who uses the power of electricity to bring him back to life or if he dies. Sparky turns the dead, only to find his colleagues trying to revive their own loved ones, creating chaos in the city.

The film, released in 2012, was created and researched based on public input, sometimes using an animation style or an all-in-one mix. The same, Frankenweenie This is a place where children’s film studios can be darker or simple enough to enjoy director Tim Burton’s style.

4. Princess Eo Sapo


Like the main character, Princess Tiana, who has achieved a certain status in the Disney or movie princess universe. In Princesa and/or Sapo I didn’t get as much attention as other films.

The 2009 animation was partially inspired by the book. In Princess Sapo, written by E.D. Baker, and tells the story of a boy in New Orleans in 1929 who opens his own restaurant. One day, seeing the prince hastily returned, Tiana turns into an amphibian, specifying that she will have a chance to turn back into a human before it is too late. Tudo is a kind of jazz.

It’s also the latest great 2D animation from Disney. I recently learned from the history of our cinemas that the studio switched to 3D for the first time.

3. New Onda before the Emperor


The thought of the character Kuzco suffers a return, New Onda before the Emperor Just watch and sit inside the Disney classic. The film was difficult to produce and turned into a completely different animation than the one it released, and it was a miracle that it was so entertaining.

The film centers on the story of Emperor Kuzco, a narcissist who was turned into a witch as a result of an assassination attempt by his former advisor. To try to return to the man, he asks for help from Pasha, a soldier who is trying to take him away from the palace in order to regain his throne.

The dual version, as well as Selton Mello’s voice as Kuzco, makes the difference here, bringing the film back to where it once was.

2. About Menino, who Queria Ser Rei


Directed by Joe Cornish, directed by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim Contra o Mundo) in various films and responsible for Atake-ao-Predio, About Menino queria Ser Rey Make a list with names like Rebecca Ferguson (Dune) and Patrick Stewart (X-Men) and follows a young British man who happens upon Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur. Having used it, he returns to his only hope of preventing the old crime from befalling humanity.

The film received a lot of criticism when it launched, but when seen in theaters in January 2019, when Fox was also going through the process of being acquired by Disney, it didn’t have very strong marketing. That’s why he couldn’t meet the audience to pay for his investment even if his film was good.

1. Atlantis: O Reino Perdido


Atlantis: O Reino Perdido It always looks like a hidden Disney treasure, but people seem to move on without giving the film a chance. I tend to voice Michael J. Fox (De Volta Para or Future) in a major newspaper, or in a movie screening, or linguist Milo Thatch, who discovered a book that could solve the riddles that could be found in Atlantis.

Joining a group of mercenaries, they form an expedition to encounter the lost city and uncover the secrets of others. Launched in 2001, Atlantis was able to hit theaters during a race in the animation market that prioritized more 3D productions while audiences opted for traditional ones.

Even critical reviews won’t save the film from cinematic buzz, but it will allow it to gain cult status among animation fans in the years to come.

All films on the list are available to watch on Disney+.

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