7 enveloping Perfumes with notes of Bergamot perfect for the Summer

The warm season is an explosion of flowers and fresh notes: one of the most present citrus fragrances in perfumes is bergamot, sparkling and energetic, perfect for both men and women on every occasion. We have selected 7 perfumes that contain it, novelties of 2023 or reinterpretations of timeless classics

7 enveloping Perfumes with notes of Bergamot perfect for the Summer

With the warm season they explode in nature i perfumes hey colors some flowers and more notes citrus And floral become perfect to express all the vibrant energy of spring. The bergamota citrus fruit of the citrus genus, is among the most used essences for the preparation of perfumes, often present in top notesthose that first tickle the senses and attract the attention of the wearer, together with more sweetsas rose And jasmineor made hotter by adding spices such as pink pepper or the cardamom. It is a basic ingredient in many eau de toilette, more delicate and less intense than the eau de parfum, for women, men or unisex, with a decisive and intense, fresh and fascinating imprint. To extract its essence, the peeli flowers and the leaves of this special citrus fruit, which resists time and the seasons. The more natural the extract, using the best citrus fruits a PDO brand like those of the Calabriawhich we find for example in Dior, Bottega Veneta or Parma’s waterthe more it will express itself in all its delicate, fresh but enveloping purity. The choice of selected ingredients and natural top quality is also a message of sustainability. And always to give greater attention to respect for the environment, today many packs are rechargeable. The perfumes where the notes of bergamot are more decisive they are perfect for the first few days hot in which to enjoy the free time outdoors, but they are also very suitable for special evenings in which the fragrances citrus they will give you a touch of charm more. Here you are 7 ideal perfumes for the warm season, reinterpretations of musts that resist over the years o novelty of this spring 2023!

Pour homme by Bottega Veneta, style and dynamism around the world

If you think that floral fragrances are not suitable for men citrusit’s time to change your mind! Pour homme by Bottega Veneta is a refined masculine fragrance fresh and at the same time woodyelegant and perfect for men juvenile And dynamic who do not give up on style. The Calabrian bergamot at the head joins the Jamaican allspice between the heart notes and al Indonesian patchouli background, in an olfactory tour that will make you travel from one continent to another.

Sauvage by Christian Dior, between unknown and elegance

This well-known fragrance is also much loved by men of all the world. Calabrian Bergamot DOP, spices and notes sweets make Sauvage by Dior perfect to give a note of mystery and desire to unknownsuggestion made even more charismatic by the exceptional testimonial Johnny Depp. For men of all agescontains in the top notes bergamot And elemi, Sichuan pepperberries of rose And lavender of Vaucluse in the heart notes and geranium, vetiver, patchouli And ambroxan in the footnotes.

My Way by Giorgio Armani, for women with a sweet and enveloping charm

Moving on to perfumes from womanThe My Way Parfum Of Giorgio Armaniborn three years ago and revisited over time, is an intoxicant citrus mix And floralwith bergamot, Orange flowers, jasmine, White musk And vanilla. All ingredients come from responsible sources, a strong commitment against climate change.

Sensual and decisive, MOD Blush by Ariana Grande

The new collection MOD by Ariana Grande it is present in two fragrances, Blushes And Vanilla. On the first, the bergamot meet rose petals, berries And magnoliawith more notes dry And spice that give structure, to appear sensual And he decidedcomplex and fascinating as only the women they know how to be.

The inspiration of spring in The Muse by Zarkoperfume

Perfect for spring, delicate And light like a fabric of cotton, The Muse by Zarkoperfume it is not divided into top, heart and base notes, but envelops them in an effective whole clean And soft. The bergamot and the mandarin they bind to black pepper, vanilla And cardamom for an enveloping fragrance with character.

CK One, the timeless unisex freshness signed Calvin Klein

A timeless classic which has been bewitching hearts since the 1990s Ck One by Calvin Keinwith the bergamot between the top notes, together with lemon And mandarinwith the sweetness of jasmine and the bottom of Cedar wood And moss. Used by both men and women, it is a perfume that immediately stands out for freshness And delicacy and is good for any occasion, from daytime to evening, perfect for the summer.

Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Calabrian bergamot, an explosion between sun and sea

Fit both to men That womenthe fragrance Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Calabrian Bergamot call them back right away smells hey flavours of a land of great charm, between coastal perched on a sea with intense colour blue and skies brilliant. The bergamot joins Cedar wood, red ginger And vetiver in a sunny and joyful olfactory explosion. Sparkling And freshis contained in the iconic bottle art deco of Parma water.

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