7 Facial Cleansers to Control Oily Skin and Banish Pesky Pimples

Reduce blemishes and shine and help you control oily skin and acne with these 7 cleansers.

control oily skin and remove blackheads and bar This is not an easy task, especially if you have sensitive skin.this cleansing This is a basic step in caring for any type of skin.Fortunately, there are different dermatologically approved products available to treat these skin problems, which can help purify, correct and Matte an oily face and Acne proneness. Best of all, they are gentle on the skin barrier and the results are amazing.What we introduce below is 7 facial cleansers This will help you have Fat free face and not annoying acne.

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Avène Cleaning

clean is a line Avène 100% focused on skin care and Acne proneness.Thanks to its exclusive formula acne castim– sea thistle –, a plant that, due to its properties, helps to fight excess fat and black spotsand combined with Spring water Create one of the best anti-acne products.this cleaning gel help purify and turn a horse into a horse In addition, without damaging the skin Remove impurities Pollutants, dust, and makeup can clog pores. It also makes the skin clean and fresh.

Cleanser for oily skin
Photo: Avène Thermal Water

Vichy Normaderm Botanical Solution

this cleaning gel of Vichy Commit to results within the first four weeks.Its formula is rich in Minerals Probiotics are like a salve oily skin and Acne proneness, Because with its use, the skin will become make and reduce of eExcess sebum Happens during the day. The best thing is rReduce bean sprouts and visibility enlarged pores, bringing a healing effect to the skin. It eliminates dirt and pollution particles from the first use. Recommended for morning and evening use.

anti-acne facial cleanser
Photo: Vichy

Cetaphil Pro Ac Dermacontrol

This is one of the company’s star products Cetaphil maybe one of them cleaning foam More gentle on skin.From the moment you apply it to your wet face, you’ll feel Smoothness and Fresh unique.Its formula contains zinc gluconate to help eliminate skin impurities,decreased greasy feeling and glow, while producing a sedative effect.This foam is designed to Make face mattewill not clog pores or change the pH value of the skin, it is a super must For sensitive skin.

Cleansing foam for oily skin
Photo: Cetaphil

CeraVe Foaming Cleansing Gel

There is no better product for cControl greasiness that this foaming cleanser of selawi.This purifier Eliminate excess fat and dirtsince its components contain tCeramide, hyaluronic acid and Nicotinamide. These three ingredients restore the skin barrier, Hydrate and calm. It also prevents the skin from becoming shiny during the day while refreshing the skin without drying it out and losing its shine.

Oil control cleansing foam
Photo: CeraVe

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Gel

If what you want is for the skin to stay clean feeling and Freshhe purifying gel of La Roche-Posay It is the best alternative to facial treatments.Its formula is Thermal water, zinc and its cleaner reduces visibility stains and black spotswhile controlling andl Excessive gloss. This gel is dermatologist recommended for super sensitive, intolerant or allergy-prone skin. Apply a small amount to nose, chin and neck in circular motions twice daily.

Cleanser for oily skin
Photo: La Roche-Posay

Eucerin DermoPure

this cleaning gel Can effectively treat oily skinand defect and easy to happen acne.Its surfactant component clean skin,delete dirt and cosmetic It cannot be removed with makeup remover. As if that wasn’t enough, its antibacterial properties, Eliminate bacteria face and prevent its appearance. Demo Chun This is a very gentle product because it non-comedogenic And it is recommended to use it twice daily.

Cleansing Gel for Oily and Acne Skin
Photo: Eucerin

Bioderma Sebium

Thanks to its formula zinc sulfate and copper sulfatethis gel Musang Clean and Purify feetl No need to dry it.At the same time, it also reduces the appearance defect and restricted sebum secretion. This product is recommended for all skin types, especially the most sensitive skin, where such problems may occur. Its soft consistency respects eNatural pH balance Help you solve problems without causing disruption.

Oily Skin Soap and Shine Control
Photo: Bioderma

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