7 fall-winter 2023-2024 makeup trends to make you feel special

1 – Lip statement

The first, irresistible trend that the fashion shows of the season anticipate is constancy. bright colors on the lipswith strong and vibrant colors that combine intense pigments and even darker edges.

From Kim Shui, who offered them Dark red combined with the effect shade, to the gothic alternative seen Rodarteto black Lisa Von Tang. The hints are as playful as creamy fuchsia noticed Christian Siriano and inaccurate red Malan Bretonwithin everyone’s reach. And if the brightest colors make you feel too much apply them with your fingertips: the effect is more natural and never disappoints.

2- Expensive skin and micro liners

Among the fall-winter 2023 makeup trends is perfect, well-groomed skin that should not be covered too much with makeup, because it shines and mattes thanks to neat and ultra-modern skin. routine, was the stated protagonist. Light textures that are bright but not greasy are essential to bring the look to life. Expensive naked what it really is, a trend we’ve already seen in recent months has gone downhill on hair, from expensive bob to expensive brunette to blonde. Caroline Herrera he suggested it in a trick with his anti-classic makeup inspired by the Empress Sissi: flawless skin and just a few subtle color details, such as very thin pink eyeliner and lip gloss.

Also Tory Burchalbeit with an additional accent of color on the face, created a skin make-up characterized by delicate tones in neutral rangeready to welcome the lip gloss accent and the indispensable micro-liner.

3 – Retro blush

Forget about the more traditional applications, the chic autumn blush will be applied not to the center of the face, but closer to the cheekbones to liven up the look. more sculptural as seen on the runways Giorgio Armani.

To make it more productive, the latest technologies based on mattifying formulas that blur pores, making them appear to almost disappear. In short, a filter, but applied directly to the skin. Colors? Everything from pink to orange to brick as suggested Marissa Wilson in NYC.

4- Explosion of eye color

They are the exact opposite of the minimal, and the temptation to try them is great: both bright and frilly eye shadow. in-kind graphics on the other hand, both are applied like splashes of color, but equally effective. In any case, the eyes become the absolute protagonist of makeup. Designer Sergio Hudsonfor example, collaborated withartist Jason Naylor for eye-catching makeup in shades of purple and lime green, an explosion of irresistible color.

From Anna Sui, instead, makeup artist Pat McGrath relied on rose and wateradding a stroke blue ink to make the final effect even more special.

5 – Smoky and deconstructed cat’s eye

The effect of “melancholy” on the catwalks Christian Dior, as described by Peter Phillips, creative and image director of make-up for Christian Dior. A tense, lived-in look with black edging is the protagonist of autumn makeup.

Me too’black eyelinerreinvents itself with the same attitude deconstructed and offer Valentine, with a streamlined line that outlines the entire eye from below, above and in the inner corner. Very cool cat eye effect.

After all, eyeliner has always allowed for endless variations on a theme, an extra touch that makes all the difference, from runways to everyday life. It remains only to get to work.

6 – Silver eye aura

For fans of metal effects Chanel revisited smokey eyes in a full metallic version of a silver gray tone that covers the eyes like a cloud. To give the look a glow, the lipstick should be left nude, and the base should be supernatural.

7 – Bleached eyebrows

We’ve seen bleached brows rise in popularity for several years now, and stars like Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Maisie Williams were some of the first to try the trend. Now this style has become a catwalk must-have. At Paris Fashion Week, models AW23/24 from Balmain they combined the look with substantial and radiant make-up, with a porcelain complexion.

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