7 fashion brands of models to know

gigi hadid for guest in residence spring summer 2023


For those who look at them from the outside, the models are a world apart. Dressed in Haute Couture, they skim the floor in towering heels and miles of tulle. They feed on trends and fashion elects them as the perfect spokesperson for her philosophy. It is therefore not surprising that some of them have made full-time employment even off the set. The fashion brands of the models run for the podium: in front of them the beauty brands that still maintain the primacy of celebrities’ favorites. The fashion brands of the models are versatile: there is the soft and cashmere world of Gigi Hadid, the ABC for the metropolitan minimalist of Elsa Hosk and the beachwear of Emily Ratajkowski. And not only. Here are the fashion brands of the models, the most beautiful to know.

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The models’ fashion brands: Guest In Residence by Gigi Hadid

Launched in September 2022 by model Gigi Hadid, Guest in Residence already has its own strong identity. On the other hand, the model had immediately clarified her goal to her audience: only cashmere, only pieces that can last forever. The philosophy behind GIR – acronym of the brand – is to create garments that can be handed down from generation to generation, sweaters – but also sweatshirts, tank tops, trousers, tracksuits – minimalists that can never go out of style. Thus was born the idea of ​​Guest in Residence, of which the founder and model Gigi Hadid becomes the perfect ambassador. The brand’s slogan “knitwear designed for last years, not seasons”.


Models’ fashion brands: Candice Swanepoel’s Tropic of C

She was one of the most popular angels of Victoria’s Secrets, in 2013 she was chosen to wear the fantasy bra, that is, the most expensive underwear in the collection. Candice Swanepoel was and still is one of the most popular icons of the culture that mixes fashion and pop. Her brand, Tropic of C, which has now become a solid certainty in the world of swimwear, has everything necessary to satisfy even the most demanding. Candice Swanepoel’s costumes are based on a certainty: essentiality is always elegant. Thus bikinis, one-pieces, trikinis follow one another in a mix and match of soft colors, monochromatic hues and clean lines. On the other hand, everyone needs at least one essential costume. Because prints may tire one day, the black bikini is eternal.


The fashion brands of the models: In love with Emily Ratajkowski

It was 2019 when the most followed and talked about model of the moment, Emily Ratajkowski, amazed her following with the announcement of her brand, Inamorata. The first drop sells out in a few hours. Since that day, Emily Ratajkowski’s fashion brand has transformed hyper-sensual bikinis into a wardrobe complete with clothing, underwear and accessories – but bikinis have not been forgotten. So now it seems imperative to have at least one Inamorata costume when summer rolls around. And then we can’t forget the pareo and the baby tee that she entrusts to art to color her mesh fabric.


Models’ fashion brands: Helsa Studio by Elsa Hosk

Everyone was waiting for it, and when it finally arrived, Elsa Studio did not disappoint. About Elsa Hosk, Swedish supermodel as well as queen of instagram and ante litteram fashion influencer, no one had any doubts. Helsa Studio is everything Nordic style lovers could wish for. Influences from the city of angels can be seen in the recent colored striped suits. A mix and match of pieces seasonless and trendy garments, and so the caro long skirt – which Spring Summer 2023 likes so much – is combined with the classic white t-shirt, which is an evergreen that needs to be paid more attention to. Helsa Studio realizes the dream of many to create a perfect wardrobe, between Swedish influences and coolness American.


Models’ fashion brands: Commonry

“Commonry is for everyone” – says Ashley Graham, supermodel and voice of truth in the fashion world – “for models, podcast hosts, mothers… you need a wardrobe that adapts to all situations, where women must be able to feel at ease and at the same time self-confident” thus Commonry was born and success was immediate. Long dresses with eccentric patterns, denim, linen maxi skirts and ‘essential’ shirts are just the tip of the iceberg of the Commonry world.


The fashion brands of the models: Naetur by Romee Strijd

From Dutch supermodel to founder of a brand that proclaims itself the official spokesperson of loungewear, Romee Strijd founds Naetur with the idea of ​​officially opening a new fashion era. In a fusion of minimalism, loungewear and flashes of bolder colors – green in primis – the supermodel’s fashion brand promotes the chasuble uniform, transforming the more common ‘overalls’ into a very elegant look. The secret is to choose a monochromatic model and combine it with showy but not excessive jewels – available from Naetur.


The models’ fashion brands: JOJA by Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes

They met between one show and another, behind some crowded backstage or under the hands of professional make-up artists. Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes have been friends for a long time before deciding to found the fashion brand JOJA, the new certainty of the activewear world. Bodysuits, leggings, microfiber tops and even biker shorts and sports bras. Impeccable for yoga, now cleared for off-duty looks, JOJA drops are unmissable. The seasonless collection refers to burgundy and suffused brown hues, while the summer collection relies on bright and neon colors.

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