7 Skincare and Make Up products signed by Millie Bobby Brown

With clean and genderless formulas and instagrammable packaging: here are 7 skincare and make-up products from the brand of American actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Florence By Mills: 7 Skincare and Make Up products designed by Millie Bobby Brown

Fun of Stranger Things, hear hear. Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven is depopulating not only as an actress but also for her beauty line, Florence by Mills. These are make-up and skincare products designed for the needs and tastes of the youngest, Gen-Z, to which Millie herself belongs and which support uniqueness and natural beauty. We know, you are very curious to discover the products of this very young brand. Here you are satisfied with 7 Skincare and Make up products by Florence By Mills super instagrammable…

Clear the way clarifying face wash: a soft clarifying mousse

florence cleanser

Pave the way for balanced, smoother, more radiant-looking skin. This new foaming cleaner Florence By Mills clarifying contains niacinamide, to help control oiliness of the skin, e salicylic acid which instead helps to minimize the appearance of pores. Finally, glycolic and lactic acids help exfoliate the surface layers of the skin for a smoother, softer texture… so we can go back to being ourselves! In short, this cleaner knows how to play its role.

Be a Vip Velvet Lipstick: it will bring out the star in you

mills lipstick

The lipsticks Be a VIP Velvet Liquid they will embrace and love the star in you. The light, non-drying, oil-based mousse formula of dog rose will help soften and condition the lips so that application and wear are comfortable and easy, while the finish opaque and velvety will ensure that the lips have an intense color for a long time. Available in 8 bold and irresistible shadeswith this lipstick you will be ready to have all eyes on you … and the red carpet will not be necessary. The colors of these lipstick they are so gorgeous that it will be really hard to choose one!

Floating under the eyes depuffing gel pads: a soft cuddle for the eyes

florence patch

These cute gel patches shaped cloud are ready to wrap and pamper your eyes. Formulated with extract of caffeinethese clouds help to awaken the tired and swollen skin of the eye contour which can sometimes create the blemishes that we hate so much like dark circles or bags. These patches are even soaked in extracts Of green tea and cactus which have powerful moisturizing properties and help to deeply soothe the eye area.

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Cheek me later cream blush: applies like a cream but dries like a powder

blush florence

Among Millie’s best friends, Cheek Me Later it’s a blush creamy that dries up to obtain a finish powder that stays on the skin and doesn’t slip off. The secret ingredient? L’kaolin clay, a mineral that absorbs excess oil from the skin and gives the blush extreme hold. For a moisturizing action, however, the formula is enriched with Candelilla Wax: a vegan vegetable wax that helps the skin maintain its natural hydration. A perfect product to create the coveted bonne mine effect… try it on the lips too!

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Dreamy Drops Clarifying Serum: a natural hydration boost

millie bobby brown

Florence By Mills made this silky, lightweight serum with hyaluronic acid and a natural fruit complex of watermelon, apple and lentil extracts that help make your skin glowing and super hydrated! Seed oil Meadowfoam contained in its formula also helps balance and prevent oiliness on the skin and allows this serum to be absorbed easily without leaving a greasy feeling, so the skin remains soft, smooth and clean. No girls, it’s not a dream… this serum it really exists and is just a click away!

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Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask: an effective and fun mask by Florence

mills florence

Difficult to find, among the skincare counters, an effective product that is fun at the same time. He thinks about it Millie, with its brilliant iridescent mask. A very fragrant mask purple peel off which helps restore the well-being of our skin after a tiring and stressful week. Based on coalwhich performs a purifying action by drawing out impurities and oil from the skin, e witch hazel an oil-balancer that helps soothe skin and keep pores clean. Furthermore, its formula is enriched with oil of lavender which performs a soothing action by calming the skin from redness and irritation. The result? A luminous and smooth skin like that of a baby! Just wait to peel it off your face… it will be very satisfying.

See you Never Concealer: bye bye imperfections and redness!


Not a simple one correctorbut a real treatment for the skin, when used correctly. See You Never it has a refreshing metal applicator that facilitates the application of the product as well as deflating the eye contour. Furthermore, the formula is based on caffeine, an ingredient par excellence firming and illuminating and of Vitamin E which serves to increase the hydration of the skin barrier. Blending well and having a medium to high coverage, this product is perfect for covering minor imperfections and evening out skin tone without settling into dry patches. Girls, from today you can say goodbye to blemishes, blemishes and sleepy eyes.

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