7 things you didn’t know about the famous actress

Like you’re not loving her enough.

If you look up the word diva in the dictionary, you will find Jennifer Lawrence. Thanks to his immense talent and much more, despite his young age reasonable amount of openness, the actress managed to establish herself on the Hollywood acting Olympus like a diva. It is impossible not to love her. To celebrate her properly, we want to identify 7 things you definitely didn’t know about the famous actress.

1. Early Start

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In fact at the age of nine Will go back to her first film as an actress. Nothing official, little more than a school play, but it’s enough. Jennifer Lawrence played a prostitute in a Piece Religion based on a book of the Bible staged during summer camp. As the late Dave Brandt would say, It ain’t much but it’s honest work,

2. love bad language

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It seems like it’s hard for Jennifer Lawrence to stop when she speaks. so not often some profanity escapes him, We can also make good use of this facility. This may have been more or less a reflection made by Gary Ross, the director of the first chapter. hunger gameswho brought “swearing” on the set: whoever said a dirty word among the crew and cast had to contribute financially to fill the jar, Apparently Jennifer Lawrence filled half of it herself.

3. A royal actress?

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Take this curiosity with a grain of salt, but it seems prince harry, who is now happily married to Meghan Markle, had a deep crush on Jennifer Lawrence, so much so that he invited her on a guided tour of Kensington Palace, one of the English crown residences. But the actress refused. Who knows how she would have behaved as the Duchess of Sussex.

4. One Step Away twilight

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jennifer lawrence almost didn’t play Bella Swan in the saga of twilight, the role which later went to Kristen Stewart. And who knows how his career would have been if he had got the role. However, the seventeen-year-old actress at the time was not discouraged and continued auditioning until she won the role of Katniss Everdeen in the film. hunger games,

5. One of the youngest

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Jennifer Lawrence Wins Academy Award for Best Actress Bright Side, she was 22 and was about youngest actress to win in that category. Only Merle Matlin performed better than her, who at age 21 won an Oscar for her role as Sarah Norman in the film. children of a lesser god,

6. She fought for equal pay

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it all started with a leak on Sony which highlighted how Jennifer Lawrence was paid much less than the male colleagues with whom she shared the scene American Hustle, From that moment the famous actress decided to fight herself against gender pay gap To ensure that actors and actresses get equal economic treatment.

7. He wanted another job

Red Sparrow, Cinematograph

this happens wanted to be a doctor, He himself admitted how it would be his dream. As an actress she is undoubtedly one of the best (so much so that she can play the doctor without any problems and in a completely convincing manner). The curiosity remains to know how she would be dealing with Scrubs On.

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