7. This program Can support you Work from home


In the middle of the plague Covid19, the crashing, the world, the government appealed in that time, the company, a political work from home or work from home. It aims to hinder the process of transmission of the virus Covid19 this.

To support the activities of the WFH or work from home the employees must remain, can be connected to each other. It is, therefore, required an application that could help you remain able to communicate well and smoothly. This is some of the recommended applications Support You WFH, to be more productive.

1. Google Classroom

7 Best Apps, the support, you can Work from homethree channel.co

Companies, the world’s largest search engine, Google, continues to be the subject of innovation-innovation in the field of technology. One of the buzz-Google removed Google Classroom. This can help teachers and students connected while learning from home.

Google Classroom was also “armed” with features that make it easy for teachers or students to use it. Students can attend the class with code. In addition, Google Classroom can also download the assistant teacher in the class room.

2. Zoom

7 Best Apps, the support, you can Work from homesupport.alo7.com

To do Alternative another application work from home the Zoom is. Zoom in is an application that you can use to roll-out video-conference. This app is perfect to do for companies that want to work from home, because the maximum number of users to reach 1,000 people. In addition, a unique feature of this app is that it can replace background if video-conference. Yes, definitely!

3. Meeting Points Meeting

7 Best Apps, the support, you can Work from homegoogle.com

Google can be used to Meet Hangout space for about 250 people. Also, the Google Hangout can also Make a broadcast live streaming up to 100 thousand spectators. Surely this application is very well suited for a company with a large scale.

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4. Discord

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7 Best Apps, the support, you can Work from homediscordapp.com/

Application Discord can not be a strange sound in the ears of the Gamer. The most Gamer to facilitate with discord, your communication during the play the game. However, who would have thought, discord can be used as a support for the application from home? With the features text messaging, voice calls and video calls, it looks like this app is worth for you to check.

5. Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft has, as a renowned developer, a line is alreadySupport the world of the office until today. There are a lot of apps from Microsoft are used by many companies.

This time, Microsoft has an application called the Microsoft team has. Microsoft application Teams are very helpful to the employees to stay in touch although working from home. This app comes with various features such as instant messaging, VoIP calls, video-calls, the provision of documents, and much more.

6. Skype For Business

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Skype is already wandering in the world of internet since a long time. But for work and business purposes, Skype launched Skype For Business. Features such as SMS, video calls, and transfer File it is definitely there in them. The concept is you can do the same with the Zoom at which this application video-conference with a lot of people. However, a maximum number of only up to 250 people.

7. Slack

7 Best Apps, the support, you can Work from homepcmag.com

Maybe this app is a little foreign to the ears of the layman, but the game is very popular with professional or freelancer. Slack is full support for WFH, especially for the IT area. This app is easy, because there are many features that are integrated with Slack, such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and so on.

Then some application support WFH or work from home. So you can stay connected with your office even if the work at home. If the company that you impose, WFH, yuk share Experience you WFH in the comments!

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