7 Tips to Avoid Allergy Discomfort

Many Chileans are suffering during this time: In spring, symptoms such as nasal congestion, red eyes, conjunctivitis, and sneezing are prone to occur.

These repeated images appear year after year in People with allergies, usually on the first day of September.

Dr. VĂ­ctor Hugo Correa, dermatologist and director of Vitaclinic, delivers the birth 7 Tips for Fighting Spring Allergies.

It is recommended to take it in advance, not just when symptoms appear. These drugs need to be used for a period of time to be effective, preferably from September to December, which is the period when allergies occur most.

he Nasal saline spray can also help, Whereas inhalers require specific medical indications and are more useful in times of crisis.

If allergic symptoms persist, that is, if oral antihistamines do not control allergic symptoms, patients should consult their doctor again so that other alternatives can be considered.

ventilate the house early and then close the windowsto prevent allergens from entering.

because they tend to collect a lot of mites and dustAn easy-to-clean floor is recommended to remove dust.

Cleanliness is important because Indoor Pollution Is the Silent Enemy of Allergy Sufferers. It is necessary to use an effective system, such as a wet vacuum cleaner, which removes the dust and does not keep it in the bag like traditional vacuum cleaners.

Mattresses should be vacuumed weekly. Because of the presence of mites in the area, as do the drapes, move furniture in the house at least once a month. Kids tend to have a lot of stuffed animals and these should also be washed as they retain a lot of dust.

There is a direct relationship between allergies and tobacco. Tobacco smoke contains 4,000 chemicals that make it easier for allergens to enter the body and irritate the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Shower before bed (or at night) to remove lingering pollutants from your body. For women with long hair, it is recommended that they wash their hair, as the pollen particles can be deposited on the pillow and inhaled while sleeping.

In general, foods are free from gluten, casein, lactose, and with as little artificial processing as possible.

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