7 tips to Overcome lag When Playing on a Windows 10-style Kaspersky


EXACTLY.CO If you play games with a friend via the PC software supports Windows operating system 10, due to a variety of diseases such as nge-wasa slow , or even game freezes suddenly is less fun.

Well, here’s the team AkuratIptek give seven tips from Kaspersky that can help you to minimize due to the slowness of the device or Gim.

1. Get rid of the internet Problem

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Make sure the speed and latency (signal delay) stable. Open your web browser and navigate to the testing service for speed comprehensive how speedtest.net or dslreports.com. Make sure that the internet speed is sufficient (the most of the game with only 10 Mbit/s, but for streaming video it needs 50-100 Mbit/s) and low delay (aka “ping”).

Optical fiber channel-modern in the rule ping is 5-50 ms, which is nice for most of the game. You fix the problem, also experimenting with the settings of the Wi-Fi router, can you move it closer to the computer-gaming, switch to a Wi-Fi connection between the computer and the router (note that, per player, only one cable connection), or even change internet service Provider.

2. You Can Optimize The Video Settings Of The Game

If the game can make you too thirsty for the power supply and the graphics card is not the computing power is sufficient, the experience can be in the game play frustrating. Set the detail level to low or lower the resolution in the settings of the game can be the solution.

Fokusp on the reduction of eye candy by maintaining things such as the visibility to help you win the game. The display of the FPS enable, if supported by the setting of the game.

Then adjust the settings the fine-tuning until you can consistently press the 30-60 frames per second the system. The more, the better, if less than, in General, can not be used for a dynamic game like game shooter. For online games, more than 60 FPS is highly recommended.

3. Energy-Optimize Your Settings

This factor is very important to a laptop and also relevant for the computer. Make sure you play with the power cord, and turn on the performance mode the best.

The easiest way to customize it, by clicking on the battery icon on the taskbar, and then move the slider to the right, where the setting “best performance (best performance)” are.

4. You Can Stop Unnecessary Applications

Any app that would compete resource with the game. the cause of the slowness out of the ordinary For that, close all browser Windows, chat application, which are not needed, and everything, what not with the game system is very helpful.

This little trick alone could be connected to the problem of the slowness. To get an idea of what apps are using the most memory and computing power, you can use the Windows Task Manager.

You can also close the client-messenger, the it will not run at all aware of this, or any other application which is annoying.

5. Antivirus Settings Directly

Many players think that antivirus solution or internet security is a decent application that was stopped. Some even uninstall it permanently.

In fact, this approach is outdated and does not help. In fact, it makes the game slower. We consider two things: first, in Windows 10 you should not have antivirus at all if you turn off third-party solutions, Windows Defender automatically-start-action. Secondly, not all antivirus is created equal evenly.

Some of the security solutions have to minimize a special mode of the game, the impact on the performance of the PC, but Windows Defender, not as a privilege.

6. Insert The Windows Update, Right

Background operation subsystem of Windows 10 specific can be a cause of the sudden slow down. Especially if Windows update to download and install something, the impact on the performance. That is why it is recommended that the update schedule, if you are playing the game.

So you open the settings of Windows 10, navigate to the update to Windows and click on ” Change hours active (change the active hours)’. The description says that the clock is active, it affects only the restart process, but the setting is actually informed about the task, the other updates.

7. Keep The Computer Well

As time goes by, almost every computer, a certain decrease in speed showed. The main reason for this slowdown is the accumulation of junk files and applications. To help the computer run faster, you have to clean up the temporary file, archive or delete documents that are not needed, and the fun and the games are no longer played.

To do a lot of special applications, these maintenance for you, Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Security Cloud can also have the function of cleaning.

With all of the above steps, the computer you have comes to the protection of gaming legislation, and to win the game, only a question of tactics, training, and work in a team. Hopefully, the experience of play while working at home is more fun.[]