70th anniversary of duck becoming Argentina’s national sport

1 social club and duck farm
The duck originated among the Gauchos in 1610. In 1953, it was declared a national sport. Photo credit: Club Social y Campo de Pato.

On September 16, 1953, the duck, which originated in colonial times, was declared a Sports for all Argentine.he General Juan Domingo Peron, President of the country At that time, he signed Decree No. 17,468converted into Law 27,368 Since 2017.

Football is the most popular sport Argentina as well as in several countries. It was founded by the British in the mid-19th century and the first rules were laid down in 1848. Years later, this discipline came to Argentinian territory with a group of British immigrants. The first game was played on June 20, 1867.

But before football became Argentina’s most popular sport, ducks were the most famous. The riders practice this discipline, symbolizing the pride of gaucho tradition. This Saturday marks the seventh anniversary of General Juan Domingo Peron declaring the sport the national sport of Argentina.

The origin of duck

This equestrian sport was practiced in 1610 by the Gauchos who lived in the following provinces buenos aires, Santa Fe, ocean current, Jump, between rivers and Santiago del Estero.duck is played to celebrate Saint Ignatius Loyola.

2 Social Clubs and Duck Farms
Initially, it was a violent game that was not banned until the first rules were established in the late 1930s. Photo credit: Club Social y Campo de Pato.

Originally, the Gauchos killed a duck to build the ball, which is where the name comes from. The bird is placed inside a piece of leather with three or four handles sewn onto it so that the rider can hold it while riding during competitions.

This is the most popular sport in the gaucho tradition. The team that puts the most ducks in the net wins. But because it was a very violent sport and the rules lacked precision, it was banned for a few years.

As time passed, the duck sport had its first written rules between 1937 and 1938. With that, restrictions were lifted and the sport resumed. After his rebirth in 1941, argentine duck federation.

The rules were created to stop violent games, and the bird was replaced with a white ball. The ball has an air pressure chamber and six handles. Currently, it has a diameter of 40 centimeters and a weight of 1,250 grams.

On September 16, 1953, General Juan Domingo Peron signed Decree No. 17,468 during his second term as president. It declared ducking the national sport of Argentina and regulated it in 2017 under Law No. 27,368.

6 Buenos Aires City
Each participant must catch the duck with their right hand and must extend their arm to prevent their opponent from taking the duck from their hands. Image source: City of Buenos Aires.

This is how ducks play today

Two teams of four players face each other. The object of the game is to put the ball (called a duck due to its origin) into the basket. The arch is located in the center of the head, 2.70 meters high and one meter in diameter. The playing surface must be between 180 and 220 meters long and between 80 and 90 meters wide.

The game lasts for six halves of eight minutes each with a four-minute break in between. If the scores are tied, overtime will be played until one of the two teams scores.

Each athlete must wear a helmet without sharp sides. The clothing consists of a T-shirt with numbers 1 to 4 printed on the back, white pants and boots.

On the other hand, they can ride horses of any height, with a minimum height of 1.50 meters. One-eyed animals, charging animals, or behavior that endangers players is not allowed. Otherwise, it will be withdrawn by the judges.

Players must use their right hand to control the duck, pass the ball and shoot the ball. You can grab it with your left hand, but you have to switch hands quickly. The player who receives the pass may catch the ball with one or both hands, but must immediately catch the ball with his right hand.

Each player holding the ball must extend their right arm perpendicular to the body and sit correctly on the horse. In this position, the opposing player has the opportunity to steal the ball.

4 billikens
Barrancas del Salado is the team that has won the Argentine Duck Open the most times, with a total of 15 times. Credit: Billiken.

some duck tournament

The Ducks have a calendar with over 50 annual tournaments: international campos, exhibition and samples, Provincial and nationaland picardero duck. Argentina has 45 camps in the Buenos Aires province and 10 provincial associations in the center and north of the country.

One of the competitions is Argentina Open The book was first published in 1941, the same year the Argentine Duck Federation was founded.The first champion is corral, he has established himself in the first three seasons.The most successful is Salado Barrancas Has 15 titles. st patrick He has won the past two races to become the current champion.

April 2021, Argentine Ducks League 80th Anniversary Cup. The winner was Barrancas del Salado.

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