8 Actors Who Almost Starred In Iconic Romance Films

From Britney Spears to Ben Affleck. Here is a list of 8 actors who almost starred in romantic movies that became iconic!

Can you imagine the most iconic characters in the history of cinema and pop culture played by actors and actresses that are different than the characters we are used to? It is not uncommon in Hollywood that a production – due to creative differences or, simply, due to concurrence with other projects on the part of the actors – drops the protagonist during the final stages of casting or even once filming is underway. The face changes. has begun.
As hard as it is to imagine, we could have Walter White with John Cusack’s face breaking badand a Daenerys Targaryen, heroine de game of ThronesPlayed by Tamzin Merchant. In this article we will focus on 8 Actors Who Almost Starred In Iconic Romance Films,

1. Britney Spears: Allie pages of our life

8 Actors Who Almost Starred In Iconic Romantic Movies

Opens the list of 8 actors who almost starred in iconic romantic movies with pop star Britney Spears. The singer and actress was one step away from landing the role of sweet and bubbly Ellie in the cult love story our pages life. As we know, Rachel McAdams starred opposite Ryan Gosling.
Although the Gosling-McAdams pairing is still loved by the public, thanks also to the genuine emotional connection that existed between the two partners, it is certain that Spears would have given us a very captivating portrait of the protagonist.

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2. Of the 8 Actors Who Starred in Almost Iconic Romantic Movies, Including Matthew McConaughey, Possibly Jack Titanic

8 Actors Who Almost Starred In Iconic Romantic Movies

The poetic and mild-mannered rebel artist Jack Dawson is one of the most beloved characters in pop culture. Therefore, it would be really hard to imagine him with any other face than the angelic Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, you should know that the multi-talented Matthew McConaughey was one step away from getting the role of Jack Titanic, The actor told a guest on Rob Lowe’s podcast that he got a chance to film a screen test with Kate Winslet: “I remember thinking I made this. but none”McConaughey confessed with a hint of bitterness.

3. Ben Affleck: Josh In The Girls in Beverly Hills (unknown)

8 Actors Who Almost Starred In Iconic Romantic Movies

It would be really hard to imagine any other Forever young Paul Rudd as Cher Horowitz’s ex-stepbrother Josh in iconic teen comedy girls in beverly hills,
The film’s casting director, Carrie Fraser, stated that, at the time, talks were underway with Ben Affleck for the part of Josh. However, the actor had to leave the project due to concurrent commitments, and so Paul Rudd got the role.

4. Even Reese Witherspoon Is Among 8 Actors Who Almost Starred in Iconic Romantic Movies: One Step Away from Being Cher girls in beverly hills

8 Actors Who Almost Starred In Iconic Romantic Movies

stay on theme girls a Beverly Hills, In an interview with BuzzFeed, Reese Witherspoon explained how much she wanted to play the protagonist, Cher: “I auditioned very hard for Clueless but I didn’t get the role.” During the interview the actress also confirmed rumors that she would very likely lose the role in favor of Alicia Silverstone.
Fun Fact: Witherspoon’s co-star little fires everywhereKerry Washington came to audition for the film to get the part of Dion, which later went to Stacey Dash.

5. Anne Hathaway: Tiffany Bright Side

8 Actors Who Almost Starred In Iconic Romantic Movies

Anne Hathaway could literally play any character. Became famous in the early 2000s for the role of Mia beautiful princessThe American actress has experimented with different film genres and has received critical acclaim most of the time.
Very few people know that Anne was one step away from acting as well. Bright Side But he decided to leave the project due to creative differences with director David O’Russell.
Jennifer Lawrence then gave us an amazing performance in the role of Tiffany, and both actresses earned Academy Awards in the same year thanks to their amazing performances: Lawrence, to be precise, for Bright Sideand for Hathway Les Miserables,

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6. Tom Hanks: Harry’s Inn harry meets sally


Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan prove their unmistakable chemistry in three successful romantic comedies that combine thrilling love stories with a good sense of irony: joe vs volcano, sleepless in seattle And you’ve got Mail, These movies are proof of the two’s undeniable chemistry, which begs the question: what would it be like to star as the male lead in the beloved romantic comedy Tom Hanks? harry meets sally,
You should know that the film’s director, Rob Reiner, actually offered the role to Hanks, but he declined the role because he felt the script was too light.
After several auditions, the director finally found his ideal partner: Meg Ryan auditioned with Billy Crystal, and the rest is history.

7. Emma Watson’s Miami Inn La la Land


We continue our list of 8 actors who almost starred in iconic romantic movies, including the behind-the-scenes casting of the beloved musical. La la Land, Initially, the role of the protagonist Mia was offered to the unforgettable Hermione Granger. harry potterEmma Watson. Watson was to star opposite Miles Teller (later replaced by Ryan Gosling), but she decided to drop out because she was already busy producing the Disney live-action film. the beauty and the Beast,
As we know, it was then Emma Stone who played the protagonist La la LandReceived the Oscar Award for Best Actress thanks to her incredible work.

8. Closes out the list of 8 actors who almost starred in iconic romantic movies, Molly Ringwald one step away from becoming Vivian beautiful woman


Closing out the list of 8 actors who almost starred in iconic romantic movies is ’80s comedy heroine Molly Ringwald (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Bella Inn Pink), who was one step away from playing Vivian opposite Richard Gere in the iconic beautiful woman,
Ringwald explained that he turned down the role because he did not feel comfortable with the script: “Julia Roberts was amazing, but I didn’t really like the story. Still, I felt as if something was unpleasant inside.,
The actress has, in a sense, anticipated the times with her analysis of the film, though it remains a cult of its genre, based on an unbalanced power dynamic within the lead pair.

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