8 Celebrities Who Starred in Marvel Movies. MCU Cameos You Missed!

There are so many cameos everywhereMCU that sometimes it’s very easy to forget which celebrities have appeared in various Marvel projects for more or less long periods of time. So we want to bring you a list of some celebrity cameos in the MCU that we probably forgot existed.

Stan Lee he was definitely the king of cameos in the MCU, but many other celebrities suddenly showed up as well. Samuel L. Jackson in the role Nick Fury became a supportMCU after starting out with a simple cameo role in iron ManAnd Valentina Allegra de Fontaine From Julia Louis-Dreyfus seems to want to follow the same fate. However, many other celebrity cameos were little more than quick fixes. Easter eggs that only the most attentive viewers understood.

1. Elon Musk Iron Man 2 Among the MCU Celebrities We Forgot About

Before Elon Musk became an outspoken and often controversial owner Twitter (or X), who people know now, was known as a technological innovator who led Tesla and SpaceX. Many saw him Tony Stark real life, so the appearance in Iron Man 2 That’s pretty reasonable. Musk you can see him waving his hand Tony AND Pepper Potts at a party before the Monaco Grand Prix. Tony AND Musk they briefly discuss matters before going their separate ways. It’s a fairly short role, but it didn’t go unnoticed by eagle-eyed fans.

2. Tom Morello iron Man

Fans of the group Rage against the machine they need to get to the beginning MCU see this cameo. Tom Morello guitarist of the group, one of the members can be seen in the background Ten ringsterrorist organization that kidnaps Stark Firstly iron Man. Viewers can see the guitarist briefly illuminated by the reactor. Stark before he is thrown through the cave. Although he has not been on the screen for a long time, the guitar Morello can be heard throughout the film, as the guitarist is credited with playing on the film’s soundtrack. iron Man and also that IRon Man 2.

3. Jim Starlin Avengers: Endgame Among the MCU Celebrities We Forgot About

There Marvel often finds a way to pay homage to the comic book world from which everything originated, as all cameos do Lee. But besides him, another cartoonist appears in the film. Avengers: Endgame: Jim Starlin. We can see him at the very beginning of the film as a member of the support group in which he takes part. Steve Roger. Starlin he’s the cartoonist who created it Thanos in 1973. Infinity Saga it could not exist without him.

4. Ken Jeong Avengers: Endgame

Before becoming directors of perhaps four best films MCU, Russo brothers they were best known for their work in television comedies. One of these comedies Community and some of the actors from this popular series appeared in MCUincluded Ken Jeong. Chon appears briefly in The final and it is the guard who notices the presence Ant-Man in a warehouse after a mouse accidentally brought it from the store Quantum world.

5. Danny Pudi Captain America: The Winter Soldier Among the MCU Celebrities We Forgot About

Chonas already mentioned, not the only actor Community play a cameo role in MCUand many others have appeared in various films over the years. Another such cameo occurs in Captain America: The Winter Soldierwhich briefly mentions Danny Pudi ( Abed Nadir Yes Community). Pudi plays an agent SHIELD liaison officer named Moorewhose communication room was “invaded” Captain America, Falcon and people Mary Hill. His time on screen and inside MCU It’s definitely short, but still boasts that there were two on screen Avengers.

6. Miley Cyrus in Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2

Miley Cyrus he doesn’t appear in person in the MCU, and Italian fans would probably miss this cameo if they only saw the dubbed version of the film, but his iconic voice is present in Stage 3 belonging MCU. In particular, this can be heard in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, where is the singer Flowers conveys his voice Mainframerobot character part of a gang Ravager From Stakar Ogord (Sylvester Stallone). It’s a quick joke, made even harder to recognize by the slightly distorted voice, plus Italian audiences will understandably have to decide to watch the film in the original language to find this cameo. Mainframe it is also present in Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3but in this case Miley Cyrus is no longer the character’s voice, but is entrusted to him Tara Strongwhich also doubles Miss Minutes in the original version of the series Loki.

7. Olivia Munn Iron Man 2 Among the MCU Celebrities We Forgot About

Olivia Munn he was a rising star in 2010 and appeared briefly in Iron Man 2 as a featured reporter. Chess Roberts. He appears at the beginning of the sequel, reporting live from the opening. Stark Expo. Initially, Mann had to play a different role in Iron Man 2; there was a woman attending a birthday party Stark and who then had a short affair with him. The role was cut out, but the director Jon Favreau he liked her work on the set, and so he decided to invite her to star in a new role as a reporter. Actress Newsroom then she joined the universe X-Men in 2016 I play a mutant Psylocke V X-Men: Apocalypse.

8. David Hasselhoff Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2

Movies Guardians of the Galaxy they love paying homage to the ’80s, and they do so with this great cameo. Star Lord he never knew his father, so he tells others who his father was David Hasselhoffstar Knight Rider. Later he meets his real father, Ego living planet, a narcissistic cosmic being seeking to spread his power throughout the galaxy. Before the quarrel between them Ego briefly turns into Hasselhoff present yourself in a more attractive way Peter.

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