8 films about physics that are definitely worth watching

Science meets cinema, physics refracts in pulp, from Christopher Nolan to Eddie Redmayne’s Stephen Hawking.

From the tiny particles that make up a film, to the light energy emitted by a projector and captured by the screen, physics permeates the cinemaas well as the world, of which he is the representative and spokesman. The best films about physics they start at the end, with the person closest to us, who has literally set the industry on fire in recent months, creating turbulence that continues today, especially in Italy: Oppenheimer. Christopher Nolan he wanted to delve deeper into this subject, which had previously been studied and reworked, but this time he had history in mind rather than a sci-fi excursion and his own taste for temporal changes. Director Dogma AND Interstellar However, he is not the only one who understood the essenceirresistible magnetism a topic that is as complex as it is imaginable and worthy in itself hermeticism and sometimes try to demonstrate the theory cinematically. The desire to put your own project at the center the very study of all that is and all that makes us pays tribute to the productions and authors who gave life to the 8 films that we are now about to discover, fascinated by the science that tries to explain what seems incomprehensible.

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1. Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer Cinematographe.it

The long wait for the final explosion and then, suddenly, the explosion, critical upheaval and media upheaval of one of the most anticipated films of the year, which rewrites the already sensational auteur’s scope Christopher Nolan. Oppenheimer focuses on the protagonist, the moral consequences of his choices, and the ambiguity of a historical period when man experienced the most unspeakable and terrible suffering. But in this long and grueling process, a person science plays a primary, decisive role; Even though he is subject to the decision-making power of the powers that be, he shows his full potential comprehensive excellence and we must give credit to the director for the fact that he was able to present the theory plastically, define it, theorize it and then put it into practice: from sound to light, from words to deeds.

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2. Interstellar

Interstellar Cinema.it

However, this is not the first time the British director has posed. science under a magnifying glass, with maximum respect for reality. WITH Interstellarin 2014, Nolan changes the shape of space-time with studying black holes, which he tries to return to the public in everything that it has discovered so far. In addition to the director as executive producer and, above all, scientific consultant, the film features a theoretical physicist. Kip Thorneone of the leading experts in the field of relativity theory, laureate Nobel Prize for the discovery of gravitational waves (with Rainer Weiss and Barry Barish).

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3. Nolan again for best film about physics with Dogma

Tenet Cinematographe.it

Even the penultimate work of the author winks at physics, and does it in an ostentatious manner: trying to overcome previous temporary reworkings in originality and problematicity. Dogma based on the concept entropy reversal, the process by which any object subjected to it appears to move backwards, as if its own timeline was reversed and oriented in the opposite direction from which it essentially originated. Thus, physics is openly challenged in the form of a clear and exciting provocation.

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4. Theory of everything

The theory of everything Cinematographe.it

Theory of everything this is the director’s film James Marsh (King, Double game) in 2014, taken from biography To infinitywritten by ex-wife Stephen Hawking, Jane Wilde Hawking. Physicist, winner of the 1988 Wolf Prize in Physics, performed by an excellent Eddie Redmayne, is presented here in all his glory, tracing his life and career, from his youth to his discovery of ALS and his subsequent grueling battle against it. The role of the wife is, of course, primary, as is the role of the fundamental and foundational one. cosmology scientist’s workto study black holes and on what concernsorigin of the universe.

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5. Also π – Nonsense theorem It is one of the best films about physics.

π - Theorem of delirium the best films about physics Cinematographe.it

Played in 1998 Sean Gullett, π – Nonsense theorem this is a debut film Darren Aronofsky who, having a meager budget, decided to start his career with a story by Maximilian Cohen, brilliant and lonely mathematiciana person who constantly suffers from migraines and epileptic seizures, which seeks to find a universal numerical modelconvinced that everything can be quantified, but soon descends into a spiral of paranoia and madness.

6. My friend Einstein

My friend Einstein the best films about physics Cinematographe.it

Andy Serkis in the role Albert Einstein AND David Tennant in the role Sir Arthur Stanley Eddingtonthe two main characters of the TV movie released in 2008. My friend Einsteindirector Philip Martin. The work reconstructs an exchange of letters that took place during the First World War between two of the most celebrated minds of the entire 20th century: the German, Father general theory of relativityand the Englishman who was the first to grasp its meaning and demonstrate it.

7. Boys of Via Panisperna

The Boys of Via Panisperna the best films on physics Cinematographe.it

Enrico Fermi (Ennio Fantasticini), Ettore Majorana (Andrea Prodan), Edoardo Amaldi (Giovanni Romani), Franco Rasetti (Michele Melega), Emilio Segre (Alberto Gimignani), Bruno Pontecorvo (Giorgio Dal Piaz) AND Mario Corbino Bear (Mario Adorf) are the main characters Boys of Via Panisperna (1988), film with caption Gianni Amelio and is dedicated to a group of young scientists, whose name appears in the title, who met in the 1930s to discuss study of nuclear physics. The film focuses on the private lives of various historical figures, showing the personal implications of such research and comparisons.

8. The best films about physics: Agora

Agora the best films about physics Cinematographe.it

In conclusion, we remain in Europe, and from Italy we move to Spain with Agora2009 film, director Alejandro Amenabarstarring Rachel Weisz. Daniel Craig’s wife plays HypatiaGreco-Alexandrian mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who lived between 355 and 415. artistic reinterpretation of your life and studies, which developed during the era of anti-pagan persecution. The film was presented out of competition at Cannes Film Festival and in the same year Al. Toronto Film Festival.

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