8 Hero Fighter ML of the Strongest in the Mobile Legends-season 16


Ranking season is reset to some time ago, a variety of events, and updates were released, the Moonton and presents the meta-season of the latest. there are 8 Hero Fighter ML of the Strongest in the Mobile Legends-season 16, we think that you can wear.

Hero Fighter on Mobile legends is identical with the body’s own resistance and the high damage it has, a Lot of heroes are the best thing that could play guys on the last season 16 this time. To get to this, 8 hero best fighter, strong, fit and healthy in the meta-season 16.

X. Borg

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X. Borg some candidate hero will survive-role mobile legends best fighters of the first publication up to this point. No wonder, this hero has a resistance body, which is very awesome, and have an attack of large area and high damage.

Therefore, X. Borg is still widely used in the space up to the beginning of the season 16. And the possibility of X. Borg is still the hero, the fighter, the best at a certain time in the future.


Hero of the famous feeder of the first buff at the end of the season 15 yesterday, with the addition of buff this hero power more superior than other heroes. Alucard mobile legends of damage, have high attack and lifesteal is very large. This Hero is fighting very useful in a team, to the opponent hero core enemy.


The hero is still pretty new in the Mobile legends. Dyrroth mobile legends is a very effectively fight in Teams with high burst damage. This Hero has a property, which is almost the same with alucard, like lifesteal, to be high up attacked by gluing on the enemy.


Thamuz is a hero with an axe as senajatanya. Hero thamuz mobile legends this has the advantage that the high resistance, if the attack area, when he was about ultimate. This Hero is very suitable for use as an offliner, as well as the initiator of the enemy.


Hero, has properties such as Bruce Lee is very sturdy and strong. This Hero emnjadi Tanks, assassins, or warriors. With a record of the items he wore. Chou mobile, to isolate, to an enemy quickly and is a hero that sucks, because it’s immune, and kncok back, that sucks.


Terizla is a fighter with the ability to damage continues during the game. Hero terizla mobile legends this also has the phyiscal damage, the great in the Early game. Well, for you, in search of heroes with a long shelf-life. Terizla is one of them.


Remember saitama? Perhaps Aldous, a character with abilities similar to saitama. Aldous Mobile the to kill enemies with a single attack only. Its strength lies in the basic damage, combined with the stack he had. The more stacks, Aldous, the more great that is produced.


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A critical hit that high, when pressed, Leomord mobile legends in the ranks of the best fighters that you can use. has This Hero is very hard, especially if ultimatenya kudu can call. Especially when you die, Leomord creates a high attack.

This is good that the role of the mobile legends a fighter, the strongest dominated the battle in the meta-season 16 at this time. The Hero Fighter is your favorite?