8 Movies That Fooled Us With Extremely Deceptive Posters

Film posters are the main means of attracting the attention of viewers and generating interest in the work itself. However, in some cases, these images can be misleading and represent a distorted or even false interpretation of the content of the film. Obviously, the consequence of this is the generation of disappointment and frustration among the public, who expected something else that did not correspond to reality. In this gallery, we’ve compiled a few examples of films that used misleading posters to lure viewers, outlining what expectations were created and how they were then disproved at theatrical release. These headlines are a clear example of how film advertising can sometimes be used to deceive the public, from the most famous actors featured on the poster and subsequently shown as extras, to images that misunderstand the genre of the work. Discover them all in our gallery today: eight films that lied to us with very deceptive posters.


8 Movies That Fooled Us With Extremely Deceptive Posters

During the promotion of the third installment of the X-Men saga, the character of Angel seemed to play a central role in the film, being shown on a poster in his distinctive black uniform. However, with the release of the comic book, the public realized that actor Ben Foster only wore his suit on the poster, actually appearing shirtless in very few scenes in the feature film.


The movie poster shows us the two main characters Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin smiling at each other in a moment of tenderness between mother and daughter. This image led many viewers to think that this is a funny, relaxed and maybe even a family comedy. Nothing is more wrong: the plot follows a couple who give birth to a girl with the sole intention of using her as an organ donor for their leukemia-stricken eldest daughter. Far from a story for young and old!

8 Movies That Fooled Us With Extremely Deceptive Posters

In this 1970s eco-terrorist film, frogs are explicitly featured and mentioned, but overall they don’t play the role that the poster suggests. If a horror poster featuring an amphibian intent on devouring a human made you believe you were going to enjoy a monster movie with giant frogs eating humans, well, you might be very, very disappointed!

The poster for Darrell Roodt’s film shows a decidedly mesmerizing image of some kind of cyborg/vampire hybrid. It goes without saying that most viewers were attracted by the opportunity to see this creature in action in a feature film, only discovering the bitter truth during the viewing: there is no trace of such a monster in the film.

8 Movies That Fooled Us With Extremely Deceptive Posters

This 1957 film was a huge success worldwide, but was often criticized for false advertising. In fact, the posters presented William Holden, at the time the most famous face of the cast, as the main character, when in reality the actor plays a minor role in the story being told.

8 Movies That Fooled Us With Extremely Deceptive Posters

In making the film inspired by the famous fighting game, it was obvious that the promotional material would give space to fan favorite characters, namely Sub-Zero and Scorpion, who have always been sworn enemies. Both are featured on the poster for the remake released in 2021 to give the impression that the plot is centered around their rivalry. However, the clash only happens at the beginning of the movie, and they don’t even wear their famous costumes.

8 Movies That Fooled Us With Extremely Deceptive Posters

The film’s poster features a close-up of Jesse Eisenberg, one of the cast’s most famous and highly regarded stars: a clever stunt on the part of the production that made the audience believe the actor had a lead role. In fact, it is nothing more than redundant.

Another example of a film that received wide acclaim and success, but whose promotional campaign was misleading. In fact, the poster shows the head of the Statue of Liberty on the ground, but, as many have noted, not once in the film is the famous American monument destroyed.

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