8 objects, Most much less. We all Touch Every day, the page


KOMPAS.com – To find germs or term, all the micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses there are in almost all the places, starting from the rooms, in the office, in the car.

Happy 99 percent of the germs will not harm it. The rest, about 1 percent, can cause diseases (pathogens), such as cough and colds, diarrhea, the cause of death.

There are some places that have, in fact, the number of germs, which, among other things, a hospital or a toilet seat. It turns out, however, that there are some objects or places that we are not touching as the meeting place of germs and frequently.

1. Water from the faucet in the kitchen
The tip of water faucets made of metal is a magnet for germs. The flowing water will wet the surface, is the ideal place for the growth of bacteria.

In addition, tap water is not sterile, and we touch sometimes with dirty hands, when washing dishes or cleaning meat in the kitchen.

In the course of time, bacteria accumulate and form a wall of pathogenic biofilm called and adhere to the surface of the spigot end.

In order to keep it clean, once a week, layers of water remove and soak them in liquid bleach. Clean, then plug it back in.

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2. Place, Dishwasher
The bacteria from the food of yesterday’s dinner on the spoon, do not eat today, if we are to maintain the cleanliness. The research shows, there are more than 500,000 bacteria in a place, the dishwashing in the household, about 1,000 times more than a toilet seat.

You can keep the cleanliness of the place wash dishes, always dispose of leftover food and once a week clean with liquid disinfectant. Soap and water alone is not enough to clean this area.

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3. Round Plate
Wipe the dishes turned out, to lose his favorite as a gathering place for germs. According to a study of hundreds of homes in America, about 7 percent of the laps in the kitchen is contaminated by the bacteria immune to the medication methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

These bacteria cause infections of the skin, which is dangerous. Round plate can also contain E. coli and other bacteria.

Keep it clean clean with the the set up round the kitchen table with food and cooking utensils. Always replace the wipe in the kitchen twice a week and wash it with warm water and a special cleaning fluid.

4. Keyboard computer
In General, bacteria that live in our skin, nails, hands, and part of the other hand can move to the computer keyboard (Keyboard).

“Eat while typing on the computer is one of the causes of bacterial contamination,” the researchers said in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

In addition to cleaning the countertop, don’t forget to clean the appliances that we touch frequently, such as Keyboard. Wash your hands before going to work helps also.

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5. Phone
Research shows, the mobile phone saves a lot of germs and other microorganisms. Not only in the mobile phone, but many gadgets the contamination by germs.

To maintain the cleanliness gadgetsbe careful , put you in the public areas. Regularly wipe the phone with a cloth and liquid disinfectant.

6. Vacuum cleaner
Parts of the Vacuum cleanerlike the brush and the bag, is a dirty place. Therefore, replace the bag Vacuum in regular intervals and clean the parts Vacuum cleaner.

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7. Dashboard
This section is one of the places that contain the most of the many germs in the car. If the air that spores and bacteria sucked into the vent, are often interested in many and glued to the dashboard.

8. Place soap refills
About 25 percent soap refill in a public toilet are contaminated with bacteria from the feces. Soap with bacteria infected, it may sound ironic, but it is in the research.

Most of the soap are never cleaned, so bacteria multiply.