90’s Bob: “Supermodel Bob” – Fall Trend

WITHhe calls me “90’s Supermodel Bob” and thisor the most viral haircuts on TikTokso much so that the hashtag #90bob it has already collected more than 23 million views on the social network. Evolution of Flob Cut The new bob is inspired by the supermodels of the nineties.and is characterized by fluffy dryness and slightly curved tips.

Zendaya and the new bob: one of the most popular sources of inspiration on the Internet

Zendaya and the new bob: one of the most popular inspirations on the Internet

“90’s Supermodel Bob” Fall ’23 Haircut

Haircut trends come and go, but the bob haircut is always in style. And a triumphant return “90’s Supermodel Bob” this is confirmation of this.

One of the first to make this look a real trend was Zendaya, followed by Hailey Bieber and Danielle Campbell. The style is inspired by typical images of the nineties. and this is the evolution of the most famous “Flob Cut”, i.e. An inverted bob that is longer in the front and shorter in the back.

New “90’s Supermodel Bob” combines Cindy Crawford’s bombshell and voluminous blow-dry with the movement and low-maintenance of Christy Turlington’s famous bob. in 1992. Result? Lush and sensual hairstyle.

Volume, side parting and micro-scaling

What makes the ’90s bob truly unique compared to the other endless variations on the bob theme is… absence of fishing line at the cutting stage. A detail that is crucial, as celebrity hairstylist Mark Mena told the magazine. Glamor of Great Britain.

Cindy Crawford’s tom teams up with a cut-out Christy Turlington quote to give life to a new ’90s supermodel bob (Photo: GettyImages)

“90’s Supermodel Bob” or “Flob” it has a line and bob length, but it’s characterized by very easy scaling making it extremely easy to turn. For this to be possible there must be cut without linewhat allows him to appear more voluminous than the classic bob and adapts to any face shape.”

Therefore, you need very little to shape the front and immediately give your hair more volume. However, be careful: “If the top is too heavy, it will be impossible to flip the front and get volume. This is a key component of the image,” Mena elaborates.

How to do it? To achieve a Crawford-style blow-dry, you need to structure the bob in a certain way, that is, make the top part of the haircut lighter.

90’s Bob: Volume Products and Mousse

Decisive role in obtaining a typical look Hair care products played a role in the ’90s bob. which should be voluminous and light so as not to weigh down the boot.

Also notice how some of the steps are applied. For example? Never apply conditioner to the roots, only to the ends. In addition, to add strength to styling Be sure to apply the mousse to damp hair. After application, dry your hair with a hairdryer and a round brush.

Finishing touch? After drying the top with a cylinder brush, Divide the strands into sections and roll them towards you While we are finishing the installation. After cooling, they can be textured with a special spray and opened to give the hair volume, like in curlers.


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