98 newborns were awarded a children’s award

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Senigallia, 05/09/2023 – At least 98 newborns received a BCC Fano baby bonus on Saturday, September 2, in a welcoming environment at Villa del Bali in Saltara. A gift at the heart of the 14th edition of Banca&Famiglia, an event through which a credit institution historically close to the community develops and strengthens beneficial relationships with a vast reference area stretching from Fano to Senigallia and the immediate hinterland.

“BCC Fano has always invested wisely in the future,” says Giacomo Falcioni, CEO of BCC Fano, “and newborns, young people, represent all of this. “Banca&Famiglia” is an event that introduces the values ​​of cooperative credit and promotes the benefits of membership, which is especially useful for families with children who are involved in sports, association, study and recreation. The children’s bonus, in addition to a small welcome, is also the first building block on the path, which, we hope, will lead the bank on the path of first cultural growth, and then professional growth of every young person.

Over the course of 14 editions, BCC Fano has paid out 1,628 babies for a total of 407,000 euros. This year alone, 98 children of members and employees received a total of 24,500 euros in bonuses.

“The bank is reaffirming and consolidating its focus on young people and families, as well as offering important advice on savings education,” said BCC Chairman Fano Romualdo Rondina. A children’s bonus initiative that complements other valuable projects dedicated to youth: I mean the Mirko and Monica Buttaroni Scholarships, which have been rewarding young people for 27 years (last April, 227 school and university students received a total of 86,670 Euro); support for the sports and leisure associations in the area and, again, the youth point “B;)Link” on the Lido, which, in addition to being a venue for events and exhibitions promoted by young members, also offers an ATM serving the whole sea. square”.

The distribution of children’s bonuses also provided numerous families with children with the opportunity to visit Villa del Bali and its science center, which, as Sandra Bernabucci of the foundation’s educational secretariat recalled, will cross an important twenty-year milestone in 2024.
With the organization of the event as sustainable as possible, BCC Fano provided a backpack made from recycled materials and filled with fresh local products. Thus, families got the opportunity to take part in a festive “family picnic” and spend a wonderful day in the fresh air.
During the event, the municipal councilor Colli al Metauro and the pediatrician El Asmar Ramzi also spoke, conveying greetings and gratitude from the municipal administration.

Then, as usual, the new course for young parents was presented, a free cycle of 3 meetings scheduled from 18:00 to 19:30 in the halls of the Oratorio Sant’Orso, Via Filippo Montesi 5 in Fano on Thursday, October 26, 9. and November 16, dedicated to the parents, members and staff of BCC Fano.
The first of the three appointments will be dedicated to the topic “Domestic Accident Prevention and Pediatric First Aid. Fundamentals and information for the correct management of the most common pediatric emergencies” with Dr. Tania Ordonselli, Territorial Emergency, First Aid and Medicine Physician. Urgency and Enzo Maggi, national BLSD trainer for adults and children at the Maredentro Formazione.

The second meeting, hosted by Dr. Tanya Ordonselli, will be on the topic “Emotional Emergency Department: Fear No More. How parents can manage their and their child’s emotions in the emergency room and during traumatic events or illness.
The third and last appointment will be Dr. Ordoncelli and Dr. Fabio Ghigi, gynecological surgeon, integrative medicine expert and creator
Desomatization dedicated to the topic “Parental Emotional Balance – Managing Emotions in a New Family in the First Years of a Child’s Life”.
Participation in the course is free for all BCC Fano members.

For information and registration, send an email to: soci@fano.bcc.it.

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