A 28-year-old Spanish youtuber got USD 15,000 thanks to the sale of crypto assets

Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez, the youtuber who goes by the stage name Willyrex
Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez, the youtuber who goes by the stage name Willyrex

At 28, the Spanish Guillermo Diaz Ibáñez He is one of the people who attract the most attention in the online universe. His prowess as a video game player and building a career on YouTube and streaming services puts him close to Ibai, El Rubius and other characters emerged from Alphabet’s social media and video service. Willyrex, such as his stage name, he is one of the most important Spanish-speaking youtubers and he decided to go one step further to monetize his role as an influencer: created its own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and released it for sale. He got $ 15,000 for them and thus connected the world of treamers with the crypto universe.

An NFT is a type of digital cryptoasset that is based on a smart contract. These NFTs represent something unique, be it a photo, a video, a sound, and so on. And thanks to the smart contract, it is possible to know mainly if it is original, and secondly, to whom it really belongs, in this way, they cannot be stolen or falsified in any way.

On the other hand, Willyrex is the best known Spanish youtuber within the Call of Duty video game community. In this game, he was considered one of the most skilled players in the world as well as having a very high winning percentage. Guillermo Díaz Ibáñez, better known as Willyrex has two YouTube channels: Willyrex, with more than 17 million subscriptions and 4 billion views, and TheWillyrex; with more than 18.7 million subscriptions and 6 billion views.

Willyrex has two YouTube channels: Willyrex, with more than 17 million subscriptions, and TheWillyrex; with more than 18.7 million subscriptions

The news originally broke in mid-March this year, when Willyrex announced that he had been preparing his own NFTs for weeks. At that time, the decision of the Spanish youtuber was highly criticized by Twitter users, as well as by his audience. He was accused of taking advantage of his audience, eminently childish or pre-adolescent, and of resorting to crypto assets that waste energy to function.

This wave of criticism sent Willyrex back a bit in early November 2021, when he said the following: “Those who ask about my NFTs… it’s not that they haven’t found out, it’s that I never got them out. I felt so much hatred that I realized it was too early. Since then I have been working to find a platform that is 100 percent green. “

However, a few days later, more specifically Thursday, November 18, was the one in which the Spanish-speaking youtuber turned his promise into money. Willyrex finally launched his NFTs and they were sold out in seconds, as confirmed by the youtuber himself on his social networks. These logos or images that the streamer sells are limited edition, which gives them a differential value in the very particular market for intangibles that is the world of non-fungible tokens.

Regardless, there has been a long line of social media users who have taken the opportunity of Willyrex’s NFTs to make humor, equating these non-fungible tokens with mere screenshots. Now, there have also been users who have chosen to analyze the Willyrex movement in more depth. Undoubtedly, this fact opens a sea of ​​possibilities that cryptocurrencies voluntarily mix with the gamer and streamer sectors.

With all this, Willyrex decided to change the content of his gaming channel to topics related to Metaverses and games play to earn based on non-fungible tokens, an industry in which it has decided to venture several months ago.

Total, the sale of the collection raised more than $ 15,000. While the cheapest token was sold for only $ 1.6, the most expensive of them was sold for $ 14.7 thousand. The tokens were not paid with Bitcoin, nor Tether, but the MATIC cryptocurrency was used, which is based on the Polygon blockchain.

“I have been working to find a platform that is 100 percent ecological”

Willyrex stated that the time between his announcement at the beginning of the year, and the launch date of the collection, served him to find a platform that is “ecofriendly”, a strategy that suggests that it could limit the hatred received by users of social networks who turned to attack him when he announced his goal of launching his tokens. Myth, which is the one he ended up choosing, is advertised as the NFT gallery that uses 99.9 percent less electricity than other alternatives on the market.

Facundo Salto, CEO of Criptofolio, told Infobae: “The facts speak for themselves. From the most millionaire man on the planet, Elon Musk, to anonymous users, through youtubers, athletes, streamers, and more. All of them have launched their own collections of non-fungible tokens. Companies accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods, there are countries developing their own crypto, and others that adopt them as legal tender. Learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain today is like learning to use the internet 15 years ago, it is a necessity ”, and added:“ Willyrex brings us closer to understanding the magnitude of these technologies, and the amounts of money that can be generated thanks to them . It is nothing more than a clear example of the new sources of income that can be generated today ”.


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