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A baby on the way? Justin Bieber and Hailey show signs of possible pregnancy during trip to Mexico

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin they have shown during the last years that it does not matter the problems that they go through, as long as it is together, because the love they have is very great and on this occasion it is no exception, because after the false incident it was reported that the singer “yelled” at the model after one of her performances in Las Vegas.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber show signs of possible pregnancy in Mexico

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber show signs of possible pregnancy in Mexico

Hailey shared via her Instagram account that their marriage was not in danger and that in reality, this was not as believed, because Justin was only excited, thanks to the fact that he gave his first concert with an audience, after a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Biebers decided that going to San Jose del Cabo would be the best way to silence all those existing rumors and although they attended to celebrate the birthday of Allison Kaye, who was last July 14 one of her greatest friends and manager of the tours of the singer of “As I Am”; Justin took the opportunity to start some rumors that have madned more than one of his admirers.

The singer shared on Monday, July 19, a grayscale photograph in which he appears next to his wife. He wears a blue cap, a flower-print shirt and shorts, while she wears a coral swimsuit and a yellow bucket hat. Both appear sitting in a room while looking away, but the incident is not due to the photograph, but to the description of it, as with this began rumors that they may be waiting for a new member of the Biebers.

Mom and Dad” was what Drew wrote, in the description of the photograph that was taken by the photographer and filmmaker, Evan Paterakis, who attended to your Wedding to capture the moment with Rory Kramer, the creator of the cover of his album “Justice”.

Despite the speculation the post created, Justin had also shared a post of both of them drinking what appears to be a shot of tequila, so this could be ruled out, and leave the description as something that refers to them taking their dog.”Oscar Bieber” with them on the trip.

Justin and Hailey arrived last Thursday, July 15, and have been sharing moments with the entire team of the singer, because after sharing so much time together, they have become great friends. Scooter Braun, Kenny Hamilton, DJ Tay James, Ryan Good, and even Josh Gudwin, one of its producers; they’re just a few of the people who are with them in Mexico, not to mention The Kid LAROI. with whom he recently released “Stay”, a collaboration.

Justin has clarified that decisions about whether or not to have children are entirely up to Hailey, as it must be she who makes the decisions of what happens in her body, especially for being a model and Hailey is at a very successful time in her career.

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