a Barbie protagonist like you never imagined! I love Heavy Metal and Slipknot!

Margot Robbie Barbie

An amazing Margot Robbie emerged from an interview with the BBC over the weekend. The main character of the movie Barbie she told us about her background as a goth/emo girl who loves heavy metal and goes to Slipknot concerts!

It’s incredible to say today, especially since she’s portrayed everywhere as Barbie, who lived in an all-pink world back in the day. in fact it would be more accurate to compare her to Wednesday Addams.

During the interview below, she is asked: “Are you goth?“, and the reaction was stunning! In fact, Margot Robbie responded: “I can’t say if I was completely goth, I was definitely very emo.. I only listened to Heavy Metal music, dyed my hair black and only cut my hair with a razor! Yes, in a way I was kind of a goth!“.


The actress then continued by stating that she loved and still loves heavy metal.. She doesn’t like Monster Trucks, but she wanted to make that clear. he loved going to Slipknot concerts. “When I was doing the soap opera Neighbors, I went to a Slipknot concert and everyone knew me. I Never Expected This: There’s a Connection Between Neighbors and Slipknot“.

Corey Taylor’s response could not go unnoticed: “If by chance you still want to come to a Slipknot concert, let me know. I hope it’s as crazy as you remember!»

The metal music craze was also highlighted in 2020 during an episode of The Jimmy Fallon Show.where she correctly answered all the questions she was asked about Slipknot, Metallica and Bullet for My Valentine.

Today it has entered the imagination of millions of people with its appearance, which is the complete opposite of the distinctive features of metal and the Gothic environment. Thanks to a film that is still firmly in first place at the 2023 box officeWith revenue over 1 billion 400 million dollars worldwide.

Source: Virgin Radio Italy – Virgin Radio.

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