a beach house in malibu

Beach House, an old abandoned retreat becomes a luxurious home. Rocky or green, lively, sporty or laid back… Malibu has many facets to the California coast. The house is located on the sands of Carbon Beach, nicknamed “Billionaire’s Beach,” which stretches a mile along the eastern side of Malibu. Here lives a community of famous names, music moguls, tech billionaires, and successful businessmen and women: David Geffen and Larry Ellison, to name a few.
when the original house was in very poor condition Real estate developer and interior designer Kesar Case He figured it out. ,It looked like it hadn’t been repainted since the 80’s, the finishes were old… Given its location, we knew it had to be a luxury beach house. A weekend hideaway for surfing and relaxing…”

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quiet luxury

The floor plan features large, open spaces, offering 180-degree views of the beach and Pacific Ocean from anywhere in the home. The two living rooms are separated by the dining room and kitchen, completed by a bar. Upstairs, the spacious bedroom, fully paneled and with fireplace, has a large sitting area and a glazed office that can be closed off. Space is the true luxury of this villa, which features a large terrace and balcony in addition to the great outdoors. saffron case style is characterized by A mix of modern and traditional influences, Clean lines and a soft color palette for both the interiors and exteriors of his projects. Here, by wrapping the walls in white oak and cream plaster, the interior designer has created a cozy, luxurious and elegant seaside cocoon. “Since the home naturally enjoys bright exposure, we were able to mix soothing earth tones with light neutral tones and dark solid oak and black linen elements without feeling too cold or harsh.”,

aged wood and copper

Has bar, fireplace and kitchen hood covered in burnished copper, while the dining room chairs and coffee table in the living room are contrasting dark oak. At the bar, which overlooks a living room dominated by wood and travertine, copper-clad elements are matched by a peach-colored mirror behind glass cabinets. Copper has been aged with water to create a “lively” burnished finish and a surface that slowly develops over time as it is exposed to the elements. When the setting sun strikes its rays on the glass and peach-colored copper, the effect is amazing. Also light wood is used extensively for floors, walls, door frames and some built-in furniture – suspended consoles in the living room, all wood entry doors in bedrooms or office space. It adds warmth to the entire home, such as the full-body fabrics, shearling covering the seats and cushions, and large curtains that close to diffuse the light coming in from the ocean. An ocean that you never get tired of seeing.


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