A bicycle path appears on Corso Brescia. Blitz of environmentalists in Barbie costumes

This morning a new white and fuchsia cycle path appeared along Corso Brescia. between Porta Palazzo and Barriera, much to the surprise of motorists. This is work Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion groups and, like other previous actions, it aims to condemn the inertia of climate policy at both the regional and national level.

On the day of the global climate strike, activists dressed up as Barbie dolls and, armed with a roller and paint, painted a long stripe on the roadway, not much different from various “Bike Lane” present in the city. At the end, they also stenciled signs and hung a banner with the question: “Have you ever thought about the climate crisis?”

flash mob inspired by Greta Gerwig’s film, where the famous plastic doll (played by actress Margot Robbie) ruins the euphoria of a glitter party by asking her friends, “Girls, have you ever thought about death?” It is this question that marks the break with Barbieland, from which the main character escapes to take control of her life. According to climate activists, citizens are effectively left alone to deal with the consequences of the climate emergency and are insufficiently informed.

“The government openly underestimates both the consequences and the origins of the crisis, thereby slowing down the process ecological transition“comments Marta, an FFF activist. “There is also a lack of a comprehensive vision to ensure that every segment of the population is adequately prepared for the inevitable decisions that will have to be made.”

A reference to the ballet on the chopping block at Euro 5, which was supposed to start today but was instead suspended after (understandable) protests from citizens and companies. In particular, militants dispute the failure to adopt alternative mobility policies and dedicated infrastructure that could mitigate the impact of the shutdown. The purpose of the flash mob is to start a climate strike, which will take place on October 6 in various cities in Italy.

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