A black rounded headband is the coolest fall accessory.

A rounded black headband is the coolest fall hair accessory. Word It-girls

You probably already know this. There is a discreet, quiet hair accessory which is rapidly coming back into fashion and which next autumn-winter will satisfy the feminine desires of all cool girls who believe in aesthetic minimalism. Have you guessed it? Let’s talk about the rounded black headband. The accessory itself This is certainly nothing newhas been in circulation since at least the 16th century, but the credit for bringing it back into fashion in recent times goes to Prada, which made it one of the protagonists of its spring/summer 2019 fashion show (without taking anything away from the stylistic visionary calling Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, who has always been a devoted follower). We already saw a lot of soft black headbands last May at the 2023 Met Gala, but now various signs point to them being everywhere next season.

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Celebrities wear it like this

For example, during the recent New York Fashion Week spring-summer 2024, Sofia Ritchie Grange was spotted wearing a “evening” version on the streets of the Big Apple with a rounded black headband. Jennifer Behr on her hair in a ponytail, which looked quite cute, while earlier in the summer Jennifer Lawrence used the same accessory (and the same brand) to hold back her long, flowing locks while promoting her film Girlfriend for rent. Again, last June, Kendall Jenner she completed the look with a rounded black headband. French girl consists of a beige minidress, black ballet flats and cognac-colored Herm├Ęs Birkin shoes, which she showed off while on vacation in Paris.

In all three cases, the effect is the same: elevating the image to a level of sophistication that smacks of elegance** bon chic, bon genre**, aesthetics that have something special classicalperhaps even nostalgic, but with a subtle undertone of cool that immediately identifies with today’s It-girl.

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